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I think my pet sitter went out of business

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I got a call from him a couple weeks ago and when I returned his call he never called me back. He didn't say what the call was about, but then this past Friday I got a message from another service that said that he was my "pervious pet sitter" and that they would like to go over their sevices with me. It's nice that he arranged for another pet sitter, but he sill has my key. I'm going to have to try to e-mail him & find his number and call him again.
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Was he a member of any professional pet sitter affiliations such as Pet Sitters International? You could check with them to see if he's still in business. He should make arrangements to return your key, though. He shouldn't give it to another business with whom you don't have a contract with.
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Oh my - definately get the key! In fact, to be on the safe side, I'd consider changing the locks if you can't recover the key. Who knows where it is or the new people have it!
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I don't care if he gives you the key back or not... you need to have your locks re-keyed. You won't have to change your locks, just rekey them. What I mean by rekey is where the locksmith will come and they will make a new key that fits your current locks. Your old keys won't work anymore... Trust me I work for a locksmith company LOL You don't want your keys floating around the city! I would get it done quick.... And I guess it's time to start looking around for someone new
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The problem is I'm in an appartment and I doubt that the land lord would pay for it, and I'm not sure they would even want me to do it? He's had the keys since December and I'm not really worried about him doing anything with them I'm just a little irritated that he didn't call me back to tell me he'd gone out of business. I would be mad if he just gave my keys to another pet sitter. He was part of the national association of pet sitters, and so is the new one, but still it's not right to give someones keys to anyone. I guess I'll try to call again.
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i'd still be paranoid. maybe your LL would be ok with it if you offer to pay for the re-keying?

our old pet sitter sold the business, but called to see if we wanted the account passed to who she sold it to. i said no, but we already had a different sitter (long story). our apartment complex has the kind of keys you can't copy, so we have to arrange key pickup and drop-off every time the sitter is needed. it's really a pain.
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Most apartment complexes have a large pile of new doorknobs/locks that they swap out every time a tenant moves out. They can probably just change it to a new one for you with very little trouble or expense.
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