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Remembering Max

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I was going through some things in my storage. When I opened up a can, there it was, Max's red bowl that he always ate his food in. We lost him July 11, 2005. He was our twelve year old black and white tuxedo boy. Even though I had two more cats, Max was my soulmate. He was diagnosed on Friday with renal failure. By Monday, he was so bad we had to make that dreaded decision. Max had never been sick a day in his life. It broke my heart and I cried for many days. To help ease the pain, I wrote his life story, gave his previous owner and the vet who treated him a copy of the story, which included pictures. I wanted the vet to know Max was not just another cat. He was the smartest cat I ever knew. He took showers with me, walked on the treadmill with me, played hide and seek and many other things cats don't do. After a time, my husband and I could finally mention his name.
Two years have gone by. We are blessed because the two remaining cats are seniors, and healthy. Last August the Lord blessed us with a stray calico.
I tried to give her away, but the local PAWS told me they would pay all the bills if I would give her a home. She was two to three years old and already spayed. So I have three wonderful cats, who I love so much. They are our babies. But Max, you took a piece of my heart when you closed your eyes and went to cat heaven. My sweetie, I will never forget you and the happiness you gave us for so long. Rest in peace dear boy. Run and play with much freedom and know that you are still loved dearly.
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my thoughts and prayers are with you today, we have kept some things that belonged to my RB dog Roger and it always stops me in my tracks when I stumble across them

Its wonderful that Max's memory lives on and he will know you are thinking of him
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Beautiful tribute. Max was a cutie.
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You story is very heartwarming and sad to read. I know what you mean about losing a soulmate. I have always liked cats and had never been so attached to a cat until my mom got her silver shaded chinchilla persian. She knew when we were sick and would take care of us even when she had renal failure.
I love how you wrote a story about Max to remember him by. He sounded like a very loving, smart, and intuitive kitty. It's amazing how they can change our lives forever.
Max will always be a part of your life and nothing can ever take that away. Thank you for taking in a stray even when your heart was still grieving for Max. That's one thing we have in common. It was about half a year after Duchess died that a stray calico started to show up. She even knew our schedules of when we were home and outside. Neglected and abused, yet loving and friendly, I could not say no to her.
May Max RIP and with time your heart will heal.
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