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Pink eye??

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Soo last week BF discovered he has pink eye in both eyes and apparently the worst and most contagious strain of it too ! We originally thought it was his allergies and it was only one eye that was watery and red. On Friday morning he had such intense pain that he couldn't even open his eye! So he went to the eye doctor assuming he must have cut his cornea from wearing his lenses too long but to our surprise (and horror!) it turned out to be pink eye. Now I am so paranoid that I am going to get it but what about the cat ? Is it transferrable from us to her? And if it is what symptoms should I look out for?

I have been disinfecting just about everything BF touches and have even resorted to making him sleep with his own blanket. I don't want to start a vicious cycle of us passing it back and forth to each other or poor Rox if that is possible.
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Probably best to call your vet and ask (should be something they can answer over the phone rather than a visit)

In the mean time
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