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Cat peeing on bathroom rug

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I've been having a problem recently with my cat peeing on our bathroom rug. It just started happening when we moved into our new apartment, and had to put the cat litter in the bathroom. I noticed it the first time a few days after we moved in. I wasn't sure what it was at first because the urine didn't have the strong ammonia smell that I'm used to. I eventually figured it out and cleaned it up and wrote it off as the cat just being upset about the new environment. Well it happen again and again after that, a few weeks apart and always on the bathroom rug. I thought maybe it was the rug so we went out and bought a new one since we were redecorating the bathroom anyway, but the cat is doing it on this one too. I tried not laying down the rug for about a month and not once did I notice the cat peeing outside the box. Then last night I finally layed it down and low and behold when I woke up this morning there was a fresh spot right in the middle of it. For a while I was concerned that it might be a urinary tract infection, but I would assume if that was the case then the cat would be having accidents all over the place, not ONLY on the bathroom rug.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Pepper was doing that, too, so now I pick up the rug and hang it over the shower rod to dry. She seems to be trying to use the toilet now, but without much success. I find puddles around the edge of the toilet sometimes, but she usually just uses the litterbox now.
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Sneakers has done that, too. actually, that's the reason why i rescued him from my folks - dad was ready to take Sneak on a one-way ride.

when i moved Sneak to my fiance's apartment, he continued to do it. we have since learned to live without bathroom rugs. he doesn't pee on the bathroom floor.

however, he has taken to peeing - rarely - on the carpet in front of the patio door.

here is a link to a thread i started on the issue i'm having. if you come up with anything that might help, let me know.

good luck!
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Mollie will do this occasionally. Well, she doesn't pee on the bathroom rug (thank goodness, since it is a wool oriental) but she will pee on the bath mat. I think she does this if Sophie has used the litter box and it is her way of telling me "Mom, clean up the litter box!" Also, if I try a new litter, she expresses her annoyance by going in the bathtub!
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Thanks for the responses everyone, glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem. After doing some more searching I came across this, and I'm wondering if it explains my problem. Figured I'd share and see if it helped you guys as well.
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Yep, good call; that's probably it... I even bought an orange oil spray and sprayed my bathroom rugs...still peed on it. I hangs on the side of the tub now, unless we forget, and then it is back in the washer with the dreft detergent (where it is now- gotta remember to put it in the dryer! ).
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I read the article to the link you sent. It was very helpful. My mom has problems with her cats peeing on her rugs. She has 6 of them and really wants to find out which one is the culprit, but I don't think that will help much. I will suggest to her that she gets a different rug. Thanks so much!
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I've had the same problem with my cats, except that it's ANY throw rug. They like to dig at them, wad them up, and them pee on them. I use Feliway, and it really does work (fairly inexpensive on EBay), but I had to stop using the rugs. I have read that cats don't like citrus, so I have also placed citrus room freshners around the house. Everyone is healthy, so I think it's just a bad habit.
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If a cat is peeing somewhere because another cat has used the litterbox, it might be helpful to have more litterboxes. I know some kitties don't like to go where the other has been.

I used to have a cat that wouldn't revisit his own litterbox to poop if he'd already pooped there. If I missed cleaning it and he had to poop again, he'd poop in the bathtub. Once I was gone and he had to poop a third time. That was deposited in the middle of my bed. His message was quite clear!
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