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I just got a digital camera...

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& my cats hate me!
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trixie too...
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Bazil has always though I was wacked!
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Your cat's have beautiful coats!

And Brazil looks absolutely bored and perturbed with you fawning all over him with the camera! You better watch out or Brazil might just stop using the litter pan!

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It's funny Trixie always looks psycho in her pictures! She's a pretty sketchy kitty to begin with and ends up looking "~out of her mind~". Both she and Maxwell love the camera though. Baz really don't give a $#^* (& I think it shows!)
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Narciss - they're lovely. Now you've got your camera, there'll be no stopping you!!

Bring on the piccies!
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LOL...oh I will! Thanks!
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Cute pics! We love it when someone gets a new digital camera. That means more kitty pics!
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What beautiful furbabies!!!!! I have a really hard time taking pics of our Munchkin. She always has her eyes closed or partially closed - and she always ends up looking evil instead of cute!
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Hey great kitty shots. I am a nut with my digital camera—don't know what I would do without it now...I think it's the instant gratification that I love so much!!

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omg! Trixie has such the face, she's all eyes!
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Good grief!!! Great pics, that one of Trixie is just hysterical!! You HAVE to submit it to the Caption This forum!! :laughing: :laughing2
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OMG, such huge and lovely eyes :eye&mouth: Great pictures
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Come here kitty kitty~

Love his eyes~ Thank you for sharing.

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Great pics - I love the one with the gum balls!
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How beautiful!
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too much fun!!!!

You have beautiful babies!
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Thanks all! I guess you can tell, I love to show off my babies!
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your babies are tooooo cute!!!!
i just ordered a digital camera the other day but i don't have it yet. i am sure that i will be taking tons of pictures of my babies too!!! can't wait!
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Oh the kitty-kits are adorable! :tounge2: I am so envious...I just ordered a digicam and it should be here any day now! Can't wait!!!!

Post more pics...more...more...more!!!
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Hey, I am in the market for a digital camera, what kind did you use Narciss?

Hope you dont mind me asking you (c:
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Well, I know your question was for Narciss, but I thought I would toss in my 2¢ - I recommend the Olympus 3030 and up! Love mine.

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Cute photos and cute cats!

I got my digital camera about a month ago and as you all can probably already tell, I LOVE taking photos of my kitty and dog!

Btw, I have a canon powershot 330 and I LOVE it.

Keep sharing more photos Narciss!!
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Thanks so much everyone...I have loads of new ones....keep your eyes open!! I'm using a Fiji FinePix. I'm sure all digital cameras are pretty much the same. I find it really easy to use and the software it came with also easy to navigate through.

Bazil munched away on my hand strap though, so that's now useless!
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