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lets play

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hey that;s mine give it here

bring it back

ok, i will bring it back one more time,

ok after a few mins of fetch, it was banana time
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Awwww Another kitty obsessed with a banana!
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Awwwww look at that! That bananas got some good tooth marks on it
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awe kittie playtime Looks like good fun there What a cutie
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I love when they carry something in their mouth, Great pics Bruce
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Aww! Those balls are Molly's favorite! I better hid the screen from her or she will steal it!

I just love it when they carry their toys in their mouths!
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What a cutie pie
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A serious case of Nana 'o Rama?
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Aww, those pictures are TOO cute! And the banana... heaven forbid it be out of sight for more then two minutes...
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Oh Bruce we have those same balls at my house!
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