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Stumpy and Leo are playing!

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Stumpy and Leo (the orange tabby we're trying to find a home for) are playing under the bedroom door!

Leo is confined to the spare room until he gets FIV and FeLV tested, and so far he's pretty much hidden under the spare bed - he has wandered around a bit, but he hasn't shown any interest in leaving the spare room or in the bedroom door.

Until now. I heard a noise outside the bedroom, so went to investigate and saw Stumpy sitting near the bedroom door, and a little orange paw poking out at her

So Leo was poking his paws out, and Stumpy would bat his paws, then poke her paws under the door at Leo. I lay down and could see Leo's little face looking out at me, and he was making little noises - I think he wants to be out playing with the girls!

I'll push to get his tests done tomorrow, but I daresay Tuesday will be the earliest. If he gets on well with all 3 of our girls, then he won't have to be confined to the spare room, and therefore given to a friend of ours to look after for a week while a friend is visiting and staying in the spare room

There's been absolutely no growling or hissing from either car, and Lily was looking on too with no growling from her either, so that's definitely a good sign! Smudge is oblivious to it all...
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hmmm wonder if there is room in your sig for a handsome guy?
How wonderful they are getting along!
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Awww Wel done Stumpy!

I sure hope his tests come back all clear and he can start playing with your girls!
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
hmmm wonder if there is room in your sig for a handsome guy?
How wonderful they are getting along!
That can be aranged, just say the words sarah

Do I see a 4th cat in the home ! Thats so great that theres no hissing going on from under the doors I hope all the tests come back good
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That's great! I think I see a 4th kitty in your future! Everyone needs an orange kitty, and this little guy seems to like you and your family, and is eager to meet his new sisters
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He sounds like he wants to stay!
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OMG I nearly kicked him back out to the streets last night.

I heard a big noise that sounded kind of like him and Stumpy were fighting under the door (just after midnight) so I raced out, and Stumpy was lying in bed watching the door. Leo had his paws under the door and was throwing his weight against the door trying to get out!

This continued for another half hour, so I put a towel under the door to stop him from trying to play under the door. So then he just pulled the towel under the door as much as he could, kept banging against the door and start mewing as well

So I thought maybe he's lonely, so moved my stuff into the spare bedroom, cleared off that bed and decided to sleep there. OMG the noise was worse in that room. He kept trying to get under the door, and was mewing and would only stop when I got up and made a noise that would scare him under the bed. It was well after 2am by this stage...

And to make matters worse, I then also had Stumpy going "MROW MROWWW MROWWWW!!!!" OUTSIDE the door, not happy that I had locked myself in there. So I got the towel again, put that under the door, and put a portable crib against the door so Leo couldn't even GET to the door edge, and tried to go to sleep AGAIN. So that worked for about 10 minutes, and just as I was finally drifting off to sleep, he decided to get around the crib, so was scratching and scrabbling at that, mewing away, with Stumpy MROWing outside.

I was soooooo tired and just desperately wanted sleep... In the end I realised being in the room with him wasn't making a difference, so I went back to my own bed, put the crib against the door again, put the towel under the door from the other side, and went back to bed and closed my bedroom door and put my head under a pillow...

It drowned out enough noise so I couldn't eventually get to asleep - at about 4am...

I think if he does the same tonight I'm going to have to put him back in his cage - I need sleep!!!!!!!!!

Oh and he definitely can't stay - 3 cats is the limit for both the county and the apartment complex, and it's going to be expensive enough shipping 3 cats back to Australia and quarantining them when we move. I'd love to keep him, but it's definitely not going to happen this time!
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Poor kitty just wanted to play!!!! At least he seems to be getting over his shyness.
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Poor guy, he misses having buddies. Hopefully his FIV/FeLV comes out negative and he can start playing with the girls soon.

I will be sending "be quiet" vibes so you get a good nights sleep tonight.

Do you think he might have gotten lost from someone else in your apt complex?
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