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too aggressive!!

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hi ,, my baby Macho is now a 6 months old kitten , lately he became really really aggressive ,, he just wants to bite everything and everyone!
he also goes around smelling everything ,, nothing has changed in the house so why does he do that? he just lost his baby teeth,, i havnt neutered him ,, my mom says that it might be time for finding him a bride LOOL but i think he's still too young for that
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He is just being "tomcatty". I'd get him neutered ASAP before this becomes "habit" & he thinks he can behave like this forever.
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And before he starts spraying urine all over your house to mark his territory! A tom cat in the house is no fun! Check with your vet and see what spay/ neuter certificates they take from which rescues, humane societies, etc. (or check around at other vets if yours doesn't take them). It will make getting a male cat neutered surprisingly cheap! Good luck- and hurry!
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He doesn't need a bride, he needs neutering. Please do get him fixed before he starts spraying or accidentally gets out and gets hurt from fighting with other toms or gets a cat pregnant. He will settle down a bit after neutering. He is feeling his oats right now
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