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Is there such thing as to much catnip? Is it ok if I leave it out all day for her to play with?
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My boy usually plays with it for a good 10-15 mins than walks away to sleep it off. And he never goes back to the spot I put the nip at.
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Mine have catnip toys (homemade so I know there is a lot of catnip in them) and will generally 'know' when they have had enough and walk away.

If I give them catnip itself, they tend to fight and I hate trying to separate them so they rarely get any plain 'nip anymore.

So as far as too much, as long as your cat doesn't think so, I would guess it is ok, but then, it depends if your cat is playing / eating it all the time or whether they self regulate also.
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Daphne hasn't developed a nose for nip yet. Seb loves the stuff. I put out some loose nip for him and he rolls around in it for awhile, gets silly and then sleeps. He'll go back to it a few times until its all gone So, I don't worry about leaving it out for him.
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