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Delima about food this week..Advice

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(I think I spelled delima wrong but I don't know the correct spelling)

Ok so here is the issue. This week was kind of a broke week for me. But I had just enough to get some canned and dry food for Ping till next pay day. But as luck would have it I went outside just a bit ago and my tire is going flat and I have to get this fixed. Depending on where the leak is and what is causing I may be able to just get it plugged till I can replace the tire. Even just doing that will eat 1/2 into his food bill. So here is the issue do I either go:

1. cheap for both the wet and dry till next pay day (not high on my list of want to do),
2. buy just enough of his wet food and forgo the dry till next pay day. Which would mean no dry for 9 days or so.
3. buy dry(reg. brand or wellness) and forgo wet for the next 9 days or so.
4. Some other option I have not thought about.

Side note I still have like 9-10 cans of Fancy Feast left that I could give if and when I run out of the canned.

So what should I do? Help....
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When is pay day? How much wet and how much dry do you have now?

Ideally, I'd rather see him on more wet than dry, but I know that is more expensive. You already have some FF, so could you buy a bit more wet either FF or a slightly better quality to last until pay day? Unless he is a real dry food addict it won't hurt him to go without dry food for a few days.

I know this may not have been helpful. I'm basically thinking as I type as trying to work through alternatives for you.

I hope your tire is not too expensive. These unexpected expenses always come at the worst times.
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I would suggest you use up the Fancy Feast. Even if it's not Ping's regular. And if you still have money for his food bill, I would mix it with some of his dry food too... By the way, I really admire your ability to handle your financials so well! Keep it up!
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Next pay day is the 14th and if things go right I could make it to the store that sales his food on the 15th. I have 2 1/2 cans of his regular wet food left. So thats good for the next 5 days.The dry I have about 1/4 bag or less left. If I gave him just wet till pay day that would only be 2 meals a day. Where as if I give him the dry he free feeds on that. Plus I have the pet fountain so he gets plenty of water that way. And I know he drinks alot from it because I am always refilling it.

As for the cost of the tire...probably about 60 to replace it. Or 10 or so if it can be plugged.
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Originally Posted by KuntryKitty View Post
By the way, I really admire your ability to handle your financials so well! Keep it up!
Hasn't always been that way but with age it gets better. And actually up until I started feeding Ping better food my money management was horrible to say the least. See I am a stay at home mom and I get an "allowance" so to speak every pay day from the hubby to spend as I wish on whatever I wish. So I fill the tank, get something for me, rest goes to Ping's food and litter, any left over I usually save. Right now I am kinda depleted. So I am doing the best I can till things get back on track.
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I would use the FF and get the dry if you can ...
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Thanks Sharky. That sounds more doable if he will eat the FF anymore. Right before I switched him to EP he was starting to refuse the FF so it was an easy switch.
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If FF doesnt go try meow mix if Ping likes fishy stuff or sheba tubs if meat is prefered.. both arent too expensive mm is about 34 cents a pouch /... sheba is up to 99 cents
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I was just about to suggest the Meow Mix packages too, but if you're avoiding wheat gluten make sure to check the ingredients. Ones I can think of that don't have wheat gluten are Upstream Dream, Fillet Meow, Hook, Line & Sinker, and What's the Catch.

Or could you ask your husband for an advance on your next allowance or for him to shell out for a bag of dry food, and you can pay him back later?
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