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It's been one week since I found the little guy on the road. Still no name, but his eyes are clearing up and he seems to be doing well. He still hasn't mastered eating, so I really question how old he is. But, we like him. DH took care of him yesterday while I was gone and I think they bonded a bit. Here's his 1 week pictures. Sorry, they're a bit fuzzy mainly because he doesn't sit still for 2 seconds.

It's a bird, a plane,'s my...


I love to sleep on poppy's shoulder...

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Oh how cute is he..he seems to be settling in well...Great job.. and congratulations on your new addition..
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He's a cutie and a lucky guy that you found him! Bless your heart!
Hey I live in Oregon, too. I know where Canby and Aurora are, just not the road where you found him. I live near McMinnville, not so awfully far away. In fact if you were to drive to Spirit Mt. Casino, you would literally drive right past my house!
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Awwww! What a little angel. He is adorable!! I love the look on his face in the last pic.
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Originally Posted by Cinder View Post
That's one heck of a parent...

I hope the little guy makes it. When I called DH to let him know, he asked me what the kitten looked like. I told him it was a grey/black tabby with longer hair...and that he actually looked a lot like our George, a feral we lost to kidney failure. Then I got to thinking that George had passed away early in June, so I went and looked at the inscription on his kitty urn. He died four years ago today. That's kind of weird.
Sending {{vibes}} so he will be ok!
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What a great story! Things do happen for a reason. He looks really settled in with you now.
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I can climb up legs now, but if my ears were any bigger I could just fly up there instead.

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oh what a cute pic you got!! i can almost see my oldest cat Marvin(14YO?) as a kitten and you made my day with a great big smile!
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Oh that is the cutest picture!!!
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You've got to love those adorable eyes!
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I am just now seeing this thread. He looks great! Does he have a name yet?
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"Boog's Mom...I see you're from Oregon too. I found him on Lone Elder Rd between Canby and Aurora, if you have any clue where that is. "

You are kidding me! I live in Aurora. I know exactly where that is. That is less than 2 minutes from my house. What a small world! Shoot, I would have offered to kitten sit for ya. I've been away from the forums for a couple days, introducing Skip to Boog.
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wonderful, simply wonderful!
He looks good and healthy now! I believe George made sure you two crossed paths
Decided on a name yet?
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OMG he is precious.
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How adorable is he!!! Congrats on him finding you!
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He's a sweet little bug too. Here he is peeking out from his papa's robe.

The name is tough. Today is the RB anniversary of my longest lived kitty, Buddy Lee. I've been tempted to call him Little Buddy, but I almost feel bad about giving Buddy's name to another kitty. We've also leaned toward Buster, who was another of my RB cats, but he was FELV+ and only lived a short time. Last night we were watching him play and I commented that he reminded me of a little gremlin. DH thought of Gizmo and I thought of Spike! Sigh... He was supposed to go for his first shots today but I changed his food on Sunday and it gave him a bad case of the squirts (TMI) so I changed the appointment to Thursday. He simply refused to eat Nutro kitten food, but he loves the Science Diet. I'm not sure it loves him though...

Boog's Mom... you know where Barlow Rd crosses Lone Elder at the little cemetary? If you turn left there (coming from the South) and go a short distance, that's where I found him. Nothing but plowed fields on either side, although there are houses not too far away. Ever been to the SouthEnd Antique mall? I'm the cat lady there. Duh... I live up Crooked Finger. (above Scotts Mills) Yeah, I know... but we have running water, electricity, the works...
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B-names... we had two fosters named Buckaroo and Boomerang, both little greyish tigers like your fella. What a sweetheart he is!
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