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HEY GUYS!!! Crazy stuff is happening!! I broke down and went to the doctor today regarding me having the flu. (i've been nauseated for 3 days). And I pee'd in the cup and he asked if there was anyway I could be Prego.. I said I didn't think so... and went on to tell him about my birth control and not having my period yet....

he came back and said, well, Are you ready to start a family?!?!

HOLY COW!!!!! I am Pregnant!!!!

I am so GIDDY!!!!!
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Congrats...you are in for one heck of a ride!!
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Enjoy your pregnancy! Sometimes it's tough in the beginning, but the outcome is the most rewarding.
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Donna, best wishes for you and the baby.
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Congrats. As you grow and get crankier, we'll be here for you. Good luck.

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Congratulations and good luck!
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Congrats! I hope your pregnancy is as wonderful as mine was...best 18 months of my life (before children)!!!! Enjoy the ride!
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congratulations vlinder. That is exciting news!! Be sure to keep us all posted as you grow.


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Congratulations! You must be thrilled.

Don't let anyone tell you that you must get rid of your cat before the baby is born. Several people told me I would have to get rid of my siamese before our daughter was born because the cat was really my cat and very possessive. Naturally, I wouldn't think of it. When I brought our daughter home from the hospital, whenever I breast fed her, I would have my beloved Susie cat on my lap at the same time so she never felt replaced by this squirming red thing called a baby.

She would allow our daughter as a baby and a toddler to touch her, pull on her ears and tail, and never once hurt that baby (now 21 years old). Our daughter's first word was not Mama or Dada - it was "Seesuse" (Susie) backwards.

Good common sense and keeping an eye on the cat for the first little while and scolding when she/he goes into the crib area seemed to be all it took for us.

Enjoy this pregnancy!

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You are very lucky to conceive so soon after going off the pill! I am sooooooooo happy for you!

Are you taking folic acid already?
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Thanks guys!!! It was a big shock to my husband last night when he came home.. he thought I was joking.. hehe..

We are both excited yet very worried about how we're going to do things..considering we just bought a house a couple months ago. But I know we can do it with a little more budgeting!!!

I started my prenatals yesterday, I think they have folic acid in them, and we haven't told the family yet. I think I will wait until Mother's Day to tell my MOM!!! She is all the way in Florida and I am in Utah, so that's kind of a bummer!! But my hubby's fam is here and I don't know when we'll tell them.

Last night was a hard one. I woke up in pain and could not go back to sleep. I simply cannot find the right position to stay asleep in. That "morning sickness" thing is a myth.. it should be called "all day and night sickness"!!! And I gagged this morning for like 10 minutes in the shower!!

What are some good books you all can reccommed I go pick up at Barnes and Noble??? This is such a huge ride already!! I never would have thought pregnancy would feel quite like this. I must be a big baby!!!

Talk to you all later!
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Vlinder; I am so Happy for you and your husband!! You will be fine; God never gives us more than we can handle. . . . .although, sometimes it seems that He is getting a kick out of watching us try. . . . . .

Love will overcome the budget concerns. We will all be here for you. All three of you!
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How exciting... Congratulations!
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Congrats. My daughter likes the book " What to Expect When You're Expecting". She has really used it as her "Bible" during this pregnancy. I don't know who the author is but, if you can't find it, e-mail me at kittyonraspberryridge@main.nc.us and I'll find out from her.
I feel so lucky that we are living near her and will be able to be there when the baby is born.We lived in Fl and all our families lived in Pa when my kids were born.
Good luck
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Lucky you!!!!!!
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I was just wondering how you were doing?
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Vlinder; I've been thinking about you also. How are you doing. How is hubby taking the news? Are you going to find out ahead of time the baby's sex? You will be due about end of Dec.(right)? Let us know. Best wishes and God Bless all three of you.
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Thanks for being so sweet as to check up on me Spike and Threelegs. I am doing well, my days go from bad to good and back again. I look like I am already 4 months since my bowel system is so screwed up. Know of anything to clear me out??

My husband is taking it quite well. The night I told him he took it really hard since it was so unexpected!! But now he is being so cute about it, always calling me at work to find out how his "little pregnant wife is doing!" We are looking at names so if you know of any good sources, let me know.

My mother is down in Florida.. she will find out on Mother's Day morning when she's out to breakfast with my brother and she opens the package I sent her!!! I can't wait to hear her reaction!

My Chloe cat is very excited to become a big sister! Every night as I lay to sleep she lies down on my stomach and keeps my belly warm until I fall asleep, and wakes me up the same way each morning! I am concerned, however, with the fact that she is such a skittish cat and what effect it'll have on her when the baby arrives. I wonder how long she'll hide for when she hears it fussing!!

I must go!! Take care all and I'll keep you all posted.. CIAO!
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re: your concerns about your cat's reaction to baby's cries. Daughter has five cats and a very large dog. My husband retrived baby cries from the internet and made a tape that they play so that the animals will be used to baby cries in the house. Will let you know if it worked when baby Claire arrives.
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FELICIDADES!!!!!!!!! (Congratulations)
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Uhmm Victor, if you look at the date, it is 3 years ago.
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Arrrg. Sometimes I am so stupid.

Kellye, I saw you looking at "I am pregnant" thread in the Who's Online list and I immediately went at it. And I did not see the date.

Well, a belated congratulations? It's better than no congrats! Hope the baby's fine.
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@ Victor
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LoL victor, don't feel bad, I almost did the same thing you did. I did however, look at all the replies and figured out that she had had the baby three years ago, though Thankgoodness I hadn't posted the Congrats first, before reading.....

Hope your 3 year old and baby cat(s) are doing fine
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I was really excited too, and had started composing a reply in my head when I looked at the dates
I checked vlinder´s profile to see if she was posting at all these days, and saw that she registred the same day I did, 3 years ago (in 2 days)!
I also found out she had a girl who is named Jade
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having children is both joyous and painful, but its all worth it. the first three months are the hardest.
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I was reading the thread and wanted to reply till I was reading the thing with the date . Oh how funny
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