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Um.. overreacting?

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I have this friend.. someone that I met online and talk to on messenger. We met a while back, and used to talk a lot, but then he kind of started getting mad about the smallest things (my cousin talked to him, and then made fun of how easily he got mad about little things). We talked a lot less after some of those conversations.

I have his messenger usernames under all of the different messenger programs we both have.. and the other day, I disabled my Internet Explorer, because it's been driving me insane and.. I just hate IE anyways. Apparently my MSN won't connect when I have IE disabled, and he IM'ed me earlier on a different account asking if I blocked him on MSN. I said no, and explained. I get a "Right.. bye" and he logs off/blocks me.. whichever, I couldn't tell. So then I IM him on the only other screenname I have, and asked if he blocked me.. he says, "I can't and you can??".. so I tell him that I didn't block him, or anyone for that matter, and explain what happened.. again. This time I get.. "whatever" and he logs off/blocks me on the other messenger.. and this guy is 23.. it seems like something a 13 year old would do.

Is it me, or is this guy making too much out of nothing? I mean seriously.. it's an instant messenger.. and even if I had blocked him on one.. would I really be stupid enough to not do it on all of them so he couldn't contact me? I'm just thinking it's a little strange.. especially since we haven't talked in weeks, and out of nowhere, he asks me this, because I'm not logged into the one IM program he usually talks to me on. Pretty sure they're all equally capable of getting your messages across.

It's funny how some people seem so nice when you first start talking, and then they turn out to be completely different after a while.
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Things can very easily be misinterpreted via the internet. He'll come around eventually. Do you really want someone in your life who gets upset over petty things?
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I used to chat alot on IRC and had this happen to me as well. He is certainly over reacting seeing as you already explained what happened. Tell him if he is going to be petty and not listen to you, that you would rather not be his friend anymore. You dont need that drama.
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Originally Posted by sofiecusion View Post
Do you really want someone in your life who gets upset over petty things?
No, I guess not.. I've had a few before, and people like that bother me.. a lot.

Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
You dont need that drama.
I hate drama, and I've talked to several people that were younger than me and liked to start it for fun.. ugh.
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