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Migraines Your Thoughts

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Just wanted a little feedback on the best way of dealing with migraines. Luckily I don't get them to often but with the heat here the last few days I think I feel one coming one. Any suggestions on how to stop it in it's tracks.
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Goody Powders or taking a nap is the only way I can get rid of them.
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With me, I take a couple of Excedrine when I first get the aura. But even then I usually go straight to bed and sleep it off.
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Well what works for me is a couple of advil, but thats soon as its starting and I catch it in enough time, also I usually put a cold or warm wash clothe over my eyes and take a little nap!
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If you can handle asprin try that. I personally take 3 advil when I feel one coming on (before the aura). Try an ice pack where the pain is too. Sending you lots of vibes cause migraines are evil.
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Tristan uses neurofen migraine when he feels one coming on. If he doesnt he will be in pain for a couple of days and curled up in bed with the lights off
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
With me, I take a couple of Excedrine when I first get the aura. But even then I usually go straight to bed and sleep it off.
except I have prescription meds

I haven't had a proper one in ages though, but the heat always helps bring them on
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I don't get them often lately *crossing fingers* but the only thing that works for me is Advil and a nap as soon as I see an aura.
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I've been luckily enough that I only have 2 or 3 a year now, used to be almost weekly when I was in my teens.

I gave up on taking any OTC stuff for them, 9 times out of 10 it upsets my stomach more and I'm sick before it's done any good.
My routine is cold wash cloth, dark bedroom, and a bucket.
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There are some very effective migraine-specific drugs out there. Things like Immitrex and similar ones which are based on tryptans. They are not very expensive here, but you do need to see a doctor and get a prescription.

It's important to learn to know your migraine triggers so you'll know how to prevent at least some of them. It does help. I keep a blog solely about my migraines to do that. I used to keep one on my migraine site, then elsewhere, but now that I revised that site, the blog resides here. I also did a squidoo lense once about how to have your own migraine blog and why.
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If you truly getting migraines, advil, tylenol ect. WON"T help. Neither will any of the drugs that are narcotics. You need to go to your doctor and get a perscription. I have had debilitating migraines for years, and the only things that work for me when I'm having a full blown migraine are Imitrex (perscription) or a Toridol IV drip (you have to go to the ER for this.) I was on several differnt types of beta blockers for awhile, but wasn't getting much relief, so I quit those. There are many different types of preventative drugs out there. If you seldom get them, I would look into Imitrex or a similar drug like that. Imitrex (and others like it) work by constricting dialated blood vessels in your head. I have found that when I first am getting a migraine, if I jump into a cold shower it helps a bit. This can also help to constrict the dialated blood vessels (which is what makes you actually get a migraine). Or get a cold washcloth, and lay it over your eyes while laying in a dark room. Migraines can make you very light sensitive. Also, different foods can trigger migraines. I am sensitive to alcohol, nuts, sugar, and sharp cheddar cheese. If you get them often, you might want to think about keeping a food journal, so that you can figure out what is triggering them. I hope that you feel better soon, migraines are the pits. I get at least 4 per week. Migraines have affected my life SOOOO much, and not in a good way.
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Imitrex (prescription) is the only thing that works for my migraines. Red wine and too little sleep (like when I'm on call) are potent triggers for me. I usually need to lay down in a darkened room after I take my Imitrex, but within a half hour to 45 minutes, my migraine is gone. Sometimes I still have a feeling like I'm standing beside myself, but the pain is gone. I have a visual aura about one out of every 10 migraines. Unfortunately, I have about two or three of them a week. I need to talk to my doctor about preventative medication. I've read good things about Topamax and other Beta-blockers, but ithey can be expensive (of course, Imitrex is horribly expensive too!) Right now, the Imitrex works, and that's better than nothing. Still...not getting them at'd be awesome!
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Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I finally took 3 Advil liquid gels, went to bed and sleep for about 9 hours. I do feel better today although I don't know whether it's because of the treatment or because it rained liked crazy overnight and the temperature dropped 15 degrees. I still have a bit of nagging pressure around my eyes, but think a couple more Advil should take care of that. Hope so because I am off to work in a hour or so. It is still raining and nice a cool in my house. Even the kitties are enjoying the cooler temps. Linus is laying in the window, and Sassy is stretched out on the couch snoring...
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Good thing you feel better now. I normally get raging headaches that are right at that painful brink between migraine and headache. And thats everyday for me. I have a prescription but its the lowest that a dr can give because of my blood disorder. I normally just start downing ib profen or motrin likes it skittles till I can manage open my eyes. If it gets to the point where Im laying there and feel overwhelmed and its uncontrollable I take my prescription. I wish my dr was good enough that she would make an effort to help me find something better cuz I really dont like making trips to the ER when my pills dont work....once a month is a little excessive
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I wish a couple advill would work for mine My doctor just told me to try excedrine migraine Yeah, that worked
My mother says she uses immatrex (sp?) I haven't tried it yet, or any thing that has worked, I have had one now for almost a week, but my cat was real sick and in intensive care and almost died, and my health isn't great right now, so I am sure that hasn't helped. I get a couple a month now, and they are getting increasingly worse, the only thing that I can do when they are so bad is go to the ER and they give me a shot for vomiting and one for the migraine, but I haven't any idea what is in that shot, but I would like to have a couple on hand
I worked with a woman at the sheter and she had a shot by prescription, but she said they were about $75 a piece, as much as I think that would be worth it for my migraines, I can't afford that!
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I always feel mine coming on... I get an aura most times, but even if I don't I can still feel it coming. There aren't any medications that help me, I basically have to ride it out. I use that "icy hot" stuff, and rub it on my forehead and back of my head/neck, turn all the lights and sounds off, and lay in bed. Even a 10 minute nap dulls the pain enough to where I can function again, luckily.
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