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Just as an FYI, there *is* a line of "soft" sided carriers. They're made out of a canvas, with a mesh at the top. The zippers are heavy and not "easy" to slide out, but easy enough to open for a human... it's a canvas material over metal framing, which also collapses. It's very lightweight and also since it collapses down, will fold up and hook so it is a space saver. It was a fairly expensive carrier, but we got it at PetSmart. It doesn't have a shoulder strap or wheels, though, which is a downside. I like it *much* better than the hard sided plastic carriers though. My only real complaint besides that, with it, is that it's difficult to "release" the metal bars to collapse it and consequently, difficult to put them together to expand it.

It's quite nice other than that.

BTW, there are some hard sided ones that come with a removeable liner or "bed" so that you can take it out and wash it. We have one of those too, and they're available in different sizes that correspond to the different sized carriers.

All of these came from PetSmart, so your friend may want to look there to see what all they're selling.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
Removable, machine-washable liner!

I use an old towel in the bottom of Zissou's carrier, and I don't think I would buy a soft-sided carrier if you couldn't take out the liner and wash it. Also pockets for treats, leash, etc.

Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
Oh yes, please for this! Not only, removable but also attachable to the bottom of the carrier too! My Abys tend to tear up the liners and make a little nest of them!
and Your friend could make $$$ if she did it with interchangeable liners. I.e. corduroy for the winter, linen fir the summer.
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Would you use a specialty carrier? Would you use a carrier made of fabrics? Do you ever consider taking your cat with you to the mall in a small carrier(as some folks do with tinier dogs)?
I would use a carrier made of fabric. I think it would be nice to have a few around for emergency type situations..not as heavy and might be easier to carry a couple at a time. But it would have to have a strong bottom.
I wouldn't ever take any of my cats to the mall or anything though because unlike a dog that you can take outside to go to the bathroom it would be kind of hard with cats. Plus I don't think that my cats would like that.
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For me I only have two carriers but 4 cats. If I had an emergency I would be getting the cats in only those two. What would be nice is a durable one,collapsable for storage to use in emergencies but also have a pockets for spare bowls, food storage, place for vet records and meds in case the cats (or small dogs) -it would be their home for a while (think Katrina). This would need to be affordable (say $20). It could be marketed with these features.
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