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I am SOOOOOOOOO Bored!!!!

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Its almost 8:30. I have nothing to do. 500 channels, nothing on. Cats are lazy. Loud neighbor children are back from vacation.
***Sigh*** I hate it this!
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Aaaah, I feel the same way..thank god its bedtime for me
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Same for me, I was reading for a bit but I am not in the mood to read, I want to watch mindless TV but not any of the mindless TV that is actually on
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Democratic debates are on. Pretty interesting. I no longer like John Edwards, at all.
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I kinda want to scrapbook, but since I have low-tech carboard boxes full of my stuff, it takes as much time to pull it all out and sort it as it does to design pages. But, if that's the worst thing I can complain about today, then I guess I'm doing alright.
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I was channel surfing for a bit then decided to come online to see if I could alleviate my boredom. So far so good but know doubt I will be back where I started from shortly. Good thing bedtime is fast approaching.
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I know the feeling. I have satellite tv and can't seem to find anything on. Good thing I have a pvr so I can watch recorded shows/movies. I watched Criss Angel Mindfreak for like 5 hours today because there was a marathon on. That show is so weird.
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I am bored, I am listening to centra's for my school, and well I am getting so bored! I am not one to stay focused for long There is NOTHING on t.v. me and my mom watched lifetime all day and well idk now its late night, and I think imma pop in my charmed dvd or watch a movie...(I am still putting work in though to school, better to be safe than sorry)
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