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After trying just about every brand available, this is what my 2 kits will eat, so this is what they get:

Wellness (Chicken)
Wellness (Turkey)
Wellness (Beef & Chicken)
Innova EVO
Innova (Cat & Kitten)
California Natural (Chicken & Rice)

In addition they each get 1/8 cup of Nature's Variety Raw Instinct and usually only eat half of that.
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4 of mine eat Wellness wet mostly. They like the mushier grain free flavors. That is the one brand of food that all 4 of them eat with enthusiasm. There are some other wet foods I throw in for variety, but Wellness is their favorite.

Precious eats Natural Balance Venison and Pea canned, because that is her favorite. She needs to eat with enthusiasm as she was born with some heart issues and is underweight because of it.

The other 3 eat a homemade raw. They all prefer chicken.

I got away from Purina a couple of years ago, because it didn't agree with Beandip's bladder. After reading up on cat foods until my eyes hurt, I was no longer happy with Purina.

I keep some dry food around for treats. At the moment that's Wellness regular adult and CORE. Of course they like catnip too. Whoever wants some raw bits while I'm making the homemade food gets some, to keep them busy
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My girls eat RAW, but they all seem to prefer the brand Pets Go Raw (though Willow couldn't really care either way; if it's raw meat, it's good, lol). They especially prefer the chicken flavours, though they give major points to Bison. They don't seem to like beef, though, and I can understand why. The chicken is nice and runny and bloody, while the beef seems a little tougher and drier. But the store was all out of the chicken formula so I had to go with beef, lol (the store carries the fish formula too, but I hear enough negativity about why you shouldn't feed cats fish-based diets, so I didn't buy it). They'll eat the beef, but they take longer to eat it, and Buffy (who's only recently discovered how good raw meat can be) is more likely to walk away from her food when there's still a few bites left (I encourage her to eat ALL of it, lol; I'm terrified that she'll eventually decide that, no, kibble is better and everything else sucks, lol)
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Originally Posted by KuntryKitty View Post

I realize that the Purina chow may not be the most healthy, but it seems like she's doing fine on it. But after we run out of this bag of kitty chow, I will start her on something else probably. Wellness or Nutro for dry, or perhaps Meow Mix. Depends on the price really, I can't get too expensive.
Nutro would be your cheaper choice, many places like petsmart put in on sale regularly.

Wellness is more pricey, it's one of the reasons i stopped using it with the boys because in comparison i could purchase other brands for less.

For example and forgive my using Canadian prices

a 4lb bag california naturals cost me 13.50$ vs a less than 3lb bag of wellness at 14.99$

I am also able to buy a grain free orijen at 14.99 for 5.5lb bag..

Not knocking wellness, my boys liked their indoor formula just if price is a concern it is one that is up there IME

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Originally Posted by lady_tiger61 View Post
I use Wellness because it is supposed to be one the healthiest out on the market. I talked with a co-worker of mine who moonlights as a vet tech - she said that her vet narrowed down the choices of cat food to Wellness and Science Diet when choosing what to sell at the clinic. They eventually decided on Science Diet - but only because more people had heard of it.

With the Wellness, my Persian - Sneakers - did not get the weepy eyes or the black gunk around his nostrils (Sneak's nose is not smooshed).

However, just a couple weeks after switching to the Purina One (because that's the only kind my other kitty will eat), Sneak's eyes got weepy and the black gunk is back.

I'm under the impression that it's just cosmetic - the weepiness and gunk - but still, I feel bad for him.

I'm working on phazing out the Purina and bringing back the Wellness. But it's going slowly.

P.S. I wish you luck with treats. Sneakers has always had a tiny sliver for "breakfast" and for "dinner" and I have never been able to break him of the habit. He has dry food available to him all the time. Treats might be a bit better. Just don't establish a pattern or habit. You'll never be able to break it.
My personal opinion...Im not a fan of Science Diet... My vet pumps the product out like no tomorrow! I may word this wrong but alot of vets are sponsered (or something of the like) by science diet and many times that is why they suggest it so frequently... Some vets also don't have a great amount of time exploring nutrition and go with what they know! It's not a bad choice, I just enjoy exploring other options! I learned alot about nutrition from this website, more from the forums than I ever have from my vet!
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I let my cat free feed on Royal Canin Fit 32, plus he eats 1 Whiskas pouch per day, over 2 meals. He loves it and is thriving on it
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Totally agree about vets overpromoting Science Diet!! And I'm another huge fan of Wellness Grain-Free canned.

I can't say enough good things about how Wellness has reversed the bad health problems my older cat was having that my vet could not cure with steroids and antibiotics.

I have 2 cats, one 3 yrs old and one 9 y-o. The younger one at first did not like canned -- she was hooked on dry, but she now loves Wellness canned. Only the chicken and chicken-herring flavors though. No beef-salmon for her!

I feed each cat one 5.5-oz can per day, so that's about $2 per day for food. Probably more expensive than dry, but hey, I had already shelled out almost $1000 to my vet over the last year trying to cure my older cat of his UTI and IBD symptoms to no avail. Now with the diet switch, he's fine!! Well worth the extra expense since he doesn't need daily meds too. Gotta consider that.
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