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Territorial Imperative?

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Persi & Alley have had their up and downs (and hates and loves) over the last few months, but they have now settled down in some very definate rules that each follows:

1. When I am in the den and TV room, Persi snuggles as close to me as possible but does not get on my lap.

2. When I am in the kitchen eating area, Persi is on the table level garbage top right next to the kitchen table, watching.

During these times, Alley is in the dining room on the window sill.

3. When I am in the office sitting at my desk as I am now, Persi is on the floor by my chair and Alley is in my lap.

4. When I am in my recliner in the office in an upright position, Alley is in my lap but when I am fully reclined she is on my chest. Persi is close by on the floor.

5. When I am in bed, Alley is on my chest and Persi is towards the foot of the bed but close enough to Alley's tail to nibble at it constantly.

6. Finally, when I go to the bathroom, both cats follow me in to watch.

These are rules that they seem to have adapted to. And I have been on The Cat Site long enough that I know the answer (but I will ask it anyway): Does anybody else have cats that follow rules like this?
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Definitely. But these "rules" are not permanent. Don't be surprised one day when Alley and Persi switch roles.
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Mine take turns on my lap, I force them to because I will not let Sho be bullied away all the time.

As for their 'spots', bed and DH's computer chair are for Sho to sleep on. If Tomas is in the chair Sho will get upset until I move Tomas. Tomas likes to lay at my feet when I'm on the computer, Sho takes the other chair or sleeps under it.

Mornings are Tomas's snuggle time, Sho snuggles in the evening.

I prefer to use the bathroom alone... I see what Tomas does to Sho whenever Sho tries to use the litter box (pokes at his face, chews on him, general annoying kitten behavior).
However when DH gets home from work Tomas follows him in the bathroom and sits in the sink while DH tries to wash his face.
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Yes, we do have rules like this at my house:
1) follow humans around at all times. Any time a human sits, the nearest cat should occupy their lap.
2) only one cat may occupy human's lap. The other cat must watch from the nearest perch at the closest height level possible, or higher. Switch positions as necessary.
3) humans like to see you at their feet in the kitchen. Please follow all standing and cooking humans as closely as possible. If they appear to be briskly moving between rooms, lie in the doorway.
4) humans need warmth around their heads and necks. One cat should always be positioned at the pillow. Switch as necessary.
5) humans in bed are plagued with blanket mice. One cat should stay at footlevel and pounce on anything that moves.
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