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Anyone else feeling down today?

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I don't know if it's the weather (dark and rainy), or if it's because today is Sunday and I know I have to go back to work tomorrow or what, but I just feel really down today. No energy to do anything, and believe me, there is a lot that needs done around here! I've been up for 4 hours and only now had the motivation to get off the couch and walk into the computer room! Now, that is bad! I hate days like this, and I have no idea how to get myself out of this funk. If anyone has any suggestions that work for them, please let me know.
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me too. but i haven't been sleeping well. i'm going to go watch "happily n'ever after" maybe that will be funny. of course later i have to go to the store...a little chocolate might perk me up. i think i'm officially done cleaning for the day. just can't get motivated to finish the bathroom...maybe tomorrow.
post #3 of 17, too...but we all know why that is....and, ironically enough, it is rainy, dark, and wet here, too!
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I am also having a similar sort of day. It is not raining here yet but it is suppose to. It is however sooooo hot it is almost impossible to do anything. I have a ton of chores I should be working on but just don't have the energy right now.
I think I will head off to a cool shower and maybe think about some dinner ideas. Sunday night is generally my favorite night for tv so hopefully I can find something interesting to watch...
Even my poor kitties are being lazy with the heat. I have a spray bottle with a really fine mist I use one them when it's to warm so maybe they will have a bit of a cool shower as well.
Lets hope things perk up shortly.
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Me too It is dark here too, yet still hot outside and humid too, so not the best day to be doing stuff. I called my sister to chat but she took my nephew to a rugby game and isn't home yet.

Matt is going to have to go away for work on my birthday too.

I think I will follow littleraven's lead and have some chocolate!
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When I worked, I am retired now, every Sunday I would get depressed cuz I knew I had to work the next day and I never liked getting up early. Today is like yours, very dark and the rain wants to come but just hasn't yet, just a few drops here and there but we are supposed to get a downpour eventually. I hope you will get out of this funk soon but I know how you feel.
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Thanks guys, I'm glad I'm not alone! You know, misery loves company and all that. Hmmm...chocolate sounds like a good idea! We do still have a peanut butter egg from Easter in the freezer...that may help.
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I'm having a bad day, too. Today's Sunday. That means we're one day closer to Tuesday, which is gonna stink.
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i just have to say...chocolate brownie chocolate chunk pepperidge farm cookies seem to have helped. that and some drugs for my headache. i'm sure feeling a bit better now.
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If you're feeling down and tehre's nothing pressing you need to do - just get your favourite movies out, snuggle into a couch with some kitties, and watch movies all day

Maybe your body is telling you that you need some downtime!

I'm just frustrated today because I have an assignment I'm trying to finish which involves building a webpage. Only it has specific things you need to do for each webpage, and one of the things doesn't make sense. The lecturer is hopeless and constantly gets things wrong in the assignment specifications because he reuses previous years assignments and just updates the information, but constantly misses things. It's caused much frustration within the class.

I've asked him to clarify, and what he said contradicts the assignment, and if I do what he says, a lot of work I've done will go to waste, and this webpage will look horrible.

So now I'm just checking to see how many marks I'll lose if I ignore this specific bit... I'm definitely not wasting any more time on trying to figure out what he ACTUALLY means...
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I dont know if it's because I just love the catsite or what. But that was like the main reason I came on today. Because I'm feeling down. Nothing good is happening today. It's like the crappiest day I've had in a Looong time.

I was puking all night, I think with the flu. Woke up super late (for nothing), did nothing, and now my man left because I was being annoying. But again, I didnt do anything. So I shoulda just stayed in bed. ARGH.
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It's been a icky day. The later it gets, the worse I'm feeling.. I keep thinking, man... I so do not want to go to work tomorrow. You know the really sad thing is.. I like the work we do. I actually like my job. I don't get it.
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I'm just thinking its gotta be something in the air.
Except for my 3 year old is acting just fine...
So maybe it's just the half-year adult thing.
I have no idea. But it sure is in MY air, and I want it out.
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I am very sad because of that sweet little girl whose kitty is sick.

I miss my twin sister (she died 17 years ago); I wish i could talk to her one more time.
Same goes for my mother.....she will have been dead 10 years this July. She and I never "got" each other, and I was terrified of her, even as an adult. Now I wish I'd been able to know her.

But it's all okay.
Life is good, and my 2 angels are with me. They adore me and ask for nothing but love and cuddles and food. They sleep with me and keep me warm and happy.
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I've been feeling lousy, too. I've had a sinus headache for 5 days, the "runs" and that oh-so-special-time-that-every-woman-just-loves. And not much sleep for 3 days--it's been hot and humid here, and our central A/C doesn't work right in the master bedroom (it never has), and we don't have the window unit in yet, so it's been hard for me to breathe.

Let's hope everyone's Monday is much better!

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Awww, I'm sorry your feeling bad today Bad moods come and go for me too..and they do suck.

I hope you feel better soon
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for me, find a good book or movie, or game to play
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