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I have a devil cat

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Just yesterday I was NOT happy with Luxor but I decided to calm down before I posted this.

1. Luxor is not allowed to play with any of stoli's feather or fur toys because he just chews and chews and chews..stoli hunts and pounces. When we find him playing with one, he gets this petrified look in his eyes, freezes, then bolts. Then we spend the next 2 minutes finding him and retrieving the toy. He hates giving it up.

2. he did that yesterday AND he found a little foam toe nail polish thing and started chewing on that. and boy did he look scared when i came in to get it. I had to yell for help because the little devil ran under the bed and continued to chew.

THEN the night before he had taken stoli's collar off (luxor hates them) and chewed on it. i took it away and hid it. well i took it out the next morning and looked at it, luxor saw it and jumped halfway up my stomach and attached himself....he wanted that collar, and i have the puncture wounds to show it....
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You are mad! You used up your entire smilie allotment with --> !

I wonder if there is a SuperNanny for cats.
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Awwwwwwwww I'm sorry he is being such a little _________!
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They grow out of it!!!!!!!
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Well now... seems like you might be expecting too much, to give a toy to one cat and expect the other not to play with it too. Our Sassy will swallow ribbon, yarn, and rubber bands, so we have to keep those out of reach. Clyde will bite through the elastic cord on dangle toys within seconds, so we have to replace it with plastic lacing. And Dylan and Pearl love to chew and swallow plastic bags and the plastic wrap around cases of bottled water, so those have to be put away, too.

I can't imagine giving Clyde a piece of ribbon and leaving Sassy on her honor to leave it alone! And as for the little foam thing... cats are wonderful creatures, but they have no respect for property. If they can get it, it's theirs!
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i probably am expecting too much, but for the longest time luxor had his favorite toys and stoli had his - and they weren't the same. now luxor wants anything that he can chew, especially if he shouldn't have it.
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Shhh.....run stoli...meowmy's gonna ring your neck if you don't straighten up and fly right poor little baby / if it makes you feel any better though -my Kojak does the SAME thing to "Da Bird" feather chaser toys- Jasmine does too but she'll eventually let go....Kojak will fight to the death once he gets ahold of those feathers I have a few battlemarks from the last incedent. We are also in need to replacement feathers- there are none left Stoli hon i should send some your way too
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OMG, they are little stinkers sometimes aren't they?

Trout is the same..she will chew and swallow anything..It is very frustrating because they don't realize its dangerous!!
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So Luxor has suddenly become a chewer? Do you think it might indicate some kind of tooth problem?
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no he has always been a chewer, but now he'll chew ANYTHING not just his toys. And ESPECIALLY naughty things.

p.s, i just noticed that the photo of luxor in my siggy kinda looks like jabba the hut!
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