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Always hungry cat

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I have been feeding the new cat Science diet. At first I started with the suggested feeding amount (1/2 cup for 8 pounds for the whole day). I feed both of my cats once at 10am, and the other half at 7pm. However, the new cat is ALWAYS hungry and so I started feeding him 3/4 cup per day but the situation has NOT improved at all. I do not want him to get used to eating more than the amount he should be eating and be overweight later, but he gets REALLY crazy when he is hungry. He would look around for food and eat anything he sees in the sink.

So... two questions.
1) Is it okay to feed him slightly more than the suggested amount?
2) What can I do to improve the problem?
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I can sympathise with your problem and I know what a worry it can be - you don't want them to go hungry but on the other hand you don't want them to get overweight either

When we inherited out newbie, Teddy, which is over 3 mths now, he would eat everything in his path - we fed him kitten food, which of course is to help build them up and give them all the right nutrition, but he seemed to be gaining weight very quickly.

He would sneak in on my other cats food and finish off whatever they had left so that was another problem as they were still 'getting to know' Teddy.

In the end I switched to adult food sooner than recommended, gave him a bit more and changed his kibble to a 'light' version. I had to be on guard and as soon as my other cats had finished their meals, I moved it out of Teddy's way. I really think you have to be strict and get into a routine.

I also think it depends on your cats body shape - Teddy is a very long, lithe but solid cat, he is heavy but NOT overweight, so I am happy with the route I took

He is now satisfied with his own meals although he does occasionally check out whats on offer in the other cat bowls So I am sure in time you'll get to a happy medium for all concerned

Good Luck and keep us posted !
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Two things..
How old is the new cat?

The second has to do with (I believe you are using dry food...???) the undisputed fact that cats need...must have...wet food to stay healthy.

For most of us, thanks to the sleek advertising of the pet food companies, dry food is assumed to be the norm. I think this is one definitive example of the old addage about the word ass-u-me.

If you start with with the premise that wet food should be the basis of a cat's diet....and then go about researching to find support for the opposite (that dry is better)'ll still be looking when your pension starts to arrive!

Try it!
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Have you tried dividing the daily amount into 3-4 smaller meals?

Kitty is the same, so I weigh his food out into a tub in the morning and feed him from that sometimes up to 5 times a day. That way I know he`s not getting more than he should be.
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You also have to keep in mind the amount of fillers that Science Diet uses.
The more fillers a pet food has, the more they need to eat just to get their daily requirement of nutrition.

Fruits, veggies and grains in a cat food are strictly filler, as obligate carnivores, cats do not need them, and most cannot even be digested by them.
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My cat also eats alot, always follows me to the kitchen and meows
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One reason a cat wants to eat all the time is an over-active thyroid. Only a vet can diagnose this with blood tests; you might want to take him for blood work.

I feed 1/2 tuna size can of wet food 2x a day for all my cats. No one is overweight and no one seems to be hungry. We sometimes disagree about exactly what time these feedings need to occur, but we're working on it.
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Your new cat was a stray before you got him from a friend,right? He may have just went so long without food that he is trying to make up for it. Has he been treated for worms yet? If it were me,I'd let him eat as much as he wanted for now and let him get over the newness of having food readily available. After a week or so of him knowing he doen't have to pig out to get full,he should slow down somewhat. And I'd make sure to have the vet check and treat him for worms.
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Last vet check ...

what SD food is being feed ?? dry or wet or both ...
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
Have you tried dividing the daily amount into 3-4 smaller meals?

Kitty is the same, so I weigh his food out into a tub in the morning and feed him from that sometimes up to 5 times a day. That way I know he`s not getting more than he should be.
I was wondering the same thing...I think our cats prefer 3-4 small meals (small as in about 1 tablespoon of wet or 1-1/2 tablespoons of dry at time). I like the idea of weighing out a daily amount...might give that a try. Right now, we store their dry food in air-right containers (those click-clack canisters) and use a measuring baking-cup scoop to serve them.
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Thank you for the replies.

The cat is 1-2 years old (don't know the exact age because he was a stray) and has no known diseases. He was last checked by a vet a week ago and he has no worms.

I think the 4 meals plan is a good idea. I will try that. If that doesn't work, I will just leave him as much food as he can eat, as someone has suggested above. I am just wondering if there is any problem with feeding him more than the suggested amount. He's currently eating dry food (science diet, indoor formula).
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