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Special day

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I have had Molly for 18 months today. I know this sounds like nothing, but I took Molly on thinking she didn't have a lot of time left, and to give her that home environment for the short time she had - when talkign to the rescue yesterday, we didn't even think she had 18 weeks in her when I took her on, never mind 18 months!! I am so pleased and proud that she is still so happy and healthy, and it just shows that sometimes all oldies need is that home environment to go on and flourish - last time the rescue lady came round and met Molly, she didn't recognise her!! It also means she is officially the third longest resident here, that 'record' was previously held by Snowy, at 17 months, it is slightly bittersweet as the only two cats I have 'owned' longer than Molly are both sadly at the bridge - I reckon she will definitely overtake Pebbles 23 months, but not sure she can beat Gingers 4 years - she is 14 now - rescue lady thought she might though!! Will post a pic later, I did take one of her last week.
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Congratulations Molly
I hope you have bought her lots of treats to celebrate.
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well done to you and sweet Molly - looking forward to some photos of the special lady
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That is so great that she is doing so well with you.

Congrats on the big day, Molly!
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Amazing what the right home and TLC will do for a kitty. Congratulations, Molly.
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Thanks guys - they are having a special tea tonight, but Molly doesn't do treats, her idea of a treat is a bit more dry food, she wont touch anything else - not even the sardines I bought specially for her last week!! Ironically, I nearly didn't end up with Molly, the rescue lady told me she didn't think Molly had long left, and I stopped myself askign to take her initially as I had lost 2 cats that year and wasn't sure if I wanted to do it again, after thinking about it overnight, I decided that my feelings weren't really what was important, giving her a home life was, so I offered and she didn't want to move her. Molly however had different ideas, and refused to get off my knee, so she let me bring her home. She has been the most wonderful cat ever, I am so pleased that I eventually got her (I had wanted her when I first started fostering, as she was temperamental, but that was the reason I didn't get her then, she was too nasty to get in the carrier!!), and she has helped me through some bad times.
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Congratulations to you and Molly! It truly is a special day! Just goes to show what love and understanding can mean for a kitty.
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What a wonderful day for you and Molly! Your home must be a very loving place indeed.

Forgive me if I've missed this -- but is it your specialty to take in older kitties like Molly?
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Congrats! It's amazing what a loving home can do for animals. Lots of wishes for lots more time with Molly.
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Aww Congradulations Molly!!!!!!
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You go Molly girl!!!

That's so great she's done so well with you
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Awww Congratulations for Molly!!
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Cheers guy.
Carol - yep, I only adopt oldies, my two are currently 13 and 14. Out of the 8 cats I have 'owned', only one has been under the age of 10. 12 is normally my 'minimum age' but I broke it to take on Pebbles. I foster cats of any ages, but normally adults and oldies.
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A cat knows when she is loved and that can produce miracles!
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I missed out on the beginning of the story. What was wrong with Molly when you took her in, other than the fact she was 12 or 13 at the time?
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Cinder - the rescue lady just thought she was giving up - looking at how she has turned round (literally within 2 weeks she was eating me out of house and home!!), she was obviously just depressed. i had her organs checked the month after I got her, and she got a clean bill of health, as she did on her yearly check this year - her only issues really are constipation and the vet wonders if she has a slight touch of arthritis.
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