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Corn syrup and kittens

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Hello, I have a very ill, skinny kitten that I'm taking to the vet first thing in the morning (the after hours vet has been completely useless). He has cat flu. He's refusing to eat and I want to get something high-calorie into him to get him through the night. The wet food slurry is really difficult to administer so I'd like to supplement it with some corn syrup (I had never heard of Nutrical before today or I would have bought some!). I'm just wondering how much I can give him? He's nine weeks old and pretty small.
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Call the local ER vet .... Dont feed corn surup without a vet okay...

Plain meat baby food with NO ONIONS or GARLIC would be better
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I have tried to feed him baby food but because his nose is blocked he won't eat it. I'm happy (well, happy's the wrong word) to force-feed him a slurry but thought if I could give his blood sugar levels a boost in less time than it takes to get him to take the slurry that might be less stressful for him. Thanks for your advice though, I'll give them a call.
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I know that home-made kitten milk replacer has corn syrup in it, so its safe for kittens, but I don't know if it would be safe to use by itself, and if so, how much you would give the kitten.
Please keep us updated on how the little one is doing.
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I've managed to find another after hours vet, quite a long way away but worth it! They are absolutely wonderful people, real cat lovers, and the moment I got him there they were snuggling him and calling him baby unlike the clinical, uncaring vet I took him to last night. So he's there for the next few nights, on a drip, getting subcutaneous liquids etc and they reckon he'll be alright to come home in a few days. So I'm feeling a bit better (won't feel completely better until he's back with me).

It's funny, but his brother seems to know how upset I'm feeling as when I got home from the vet he climbed up on my chest and started nuzzling my mouth and nose and being very cuddly. He's going to have to put up with double the affection until his brother gets home!

Thanks so much for your help and support, I'll let you know how my boy's doing in the next few days.
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