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Dirty Chins?!

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I am at a complete loss as how to keep my cat's chin clean. I'm also confused as how they even get their chins so gross!?! Both our cats have white chins and I notice they get dirty every so often and I have to try and rub or scratch the dirt out. How can I get their chins clean, because rubbing helps very little and they don't care for it??!!!!
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Is it like "gritty dirt" there? It could possibly be feline acne. Caused by plastic bowls, often times.

I wipe my kitties chins with a cloth daily. They're piglets & always get food on their mouths!
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Yes it is a gritty dirt.

That makes sense, I was wondering if it had anything to do with their cat food dish.

Are they the cat wipes you use instead of giving them an all out bath??
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I just get a cloth wet & wipe their chin. Plain water suffices for mine. You can get stainless steel food bowl. Ceramic will work as well, but stainless steel seems to work best.
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Many times cats that eat out of plastic bowls will get "feline acne". So if that's the case, change your bowls. Also use a more shallow type of bowl for food or a plate.

You can wash their chins with mild soap/warm water. I'd do it once a week. I know what you mean - some of my white cats had that problem and I'd have to wash the chins too.
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Now my next problem is that I can't change the food bowl. It's an automatic feeder, guess I'm stuck just washing their chins all the time! Thanks for the addvice, I was getting worried when the second cat started getting a dirty chin!!!!
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My advice is get rid of the automatic feeder. It can cause some really bad acne problems and leave your kitty with a sore chin. If you like to free feed get a big ceramic or stainless steel dog bowl. Also take away plastic place mats and replace with cloth ones. Feline acne can become uncomfortable for your sweet babies!

You can search TCS for feline acne or kitty acne and get some other stories and advice as well!
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Changing bowls and cleaning them often really helps the dirty chin syndrome a lot! And I agree with getting rid of automatic feeders! Pet dishes need to be cleaned all the time just as human dishes do!
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