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cat box problems

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I have a 4 month old kitten that we litter trained and is using the box faithfully, but he almost always poops on the outside lip of the box. (He pees in it just fine)

We were thinking that he may grow out of it because he was rather difficult to train at first and we were happy that he got the location right, but now the cleanup is getting tiresome.

We also have a 5 year old cat that shares the same box with no problem. However, we did have 2 boxes and the problem was still there. We clean the box 2-3 times daily, and we don't use any perfume-y cleansers or air fresheners.

I've read some cat behavior books and placed the box where there is both privacy and escape potential and his food and toys are away from the box.

I've watched him and he just keeps inching backwards when he scratches the litter until his bottom is outside of the box. If I can catch him, I can calmly push him forward a bit and he does fine, but I obviously can't be there all the time.

Any ideas?
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Have you considered using a covered liiterbox.

My 2 have had no problems using theirs, and I find them much easier, they look better as well.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I may just give the hooded box a try. I've been hesitant to buy one, because I was afraid he would poop on the inside of the hood. That sounds like a pain to clean.

I'm still not really sure if this is marking, lack of coordination, or plain old forgetfulness. If it's a marking issue, I'm nervous that the hood may not do any good. I'm willing to try anything at this point, though.
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Some kitties need a bigger box than ohers, an enclosed box is a great idea as he is most likely to face out and so has to go in the box.

He may not like the feel of the litter it could be too big or too small, in his opinion.

You already have two boxes so can you place them side by side? This may help as well!

Best of luck and keep us posted!
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Hmmm... is this a long haired or short haired cats?

Some cats hate to get poo stuck on their butt/litter, etc. So to avoid that they poo off of the litter, yet 'still in the litter box' in their minds.

Have you tried just getting a really big litter box? Sometimes if the box is too small for the cat it also happens. You can try the covered litter box too, I love them! But be forwarnd, some cats will not use them.
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Thanks for the tips. Labowski's a short haired cat, and he's still pretty small. I bet you're right about him not wanting it on him, 'cause he almost wipes himself on the edge of the box.

The box is pretty darned big, but maybe I'll try to find a bigger one. I'm also going to try to introduce another box in another room.
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Hi Beckster

I have a cat who has little edge "accidents" sometimes too.

Problem was solved by using a high walled tub (one of those Rubbermaid tubs) rather than the traditional cat box . Works like a charm.:tounge2: Someone else from this site gave me that fabulous idea.

I would hesitate to interfere with your kitty when he is in the midst of his "business" in case he develops a fear or psychological complex of using the box all together. Maybe better to adjust the box instead of trying to adjust the cat.

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Beckster...I didn't have the exact same problem with Jedi, but he would fling litter "everywhere" after he did his business. We are in a one-bedroom apartment so his litter box is currently in a corner of the kitchen (yick!), but I have no where else to put it.

Not only did I get extremely tired of sweeping cat litter several times a day, but I really don't want that stuff flung around in my kitchen where I prepare our meals.

I bought a covered litter box, called a Catty Corner and it has completely solved the problem. And Jedi seems to enjoy the privacy that it offers as well! :tounge2:

You can't tell from that picture in the link below, but there is a swinging door covering the opening of the box, so it is completely enclosed.

Catty Corner
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