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Lord of the Rings

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I bought the DVD of The Fellowship of the Ring earlier this week and I must admit it's the best film I've ever seen. The acting is spot on, the visuals are amazing and don't even detract from the film. I really cannot wait until Two Towers, I won't watch it at the cinema, I'd rather buy the DVD in a few months, usually to noisey at the cinema.

At the same time as I bought LOTR I also bought Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clowns, erm Clones.

I have to admit ST2 is awful, the only good parts are the large battles. I'm really disappointed in it. Yoda flies about like a frog on steroids in the saber battle with Christopher Lee, and it just looks daft, lol. Oh well 1 out of 2 aint bad.
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I LOVE Lord of the Rings!!! I can't wait to go see it at the cinema!!! The Two Towers looks even better than the first one!! YIPEEE!!! I'm soooo excited its pathetic!! haah!!

We went to see the 2nd Harry Potter the other night, it was great, but it just didn't meet up with the first one... it was still good though

We also went to see the new James Bond film.. (YUCK!) I don't likes JB anyway, but this film SUCKED in big way!!!

I'm not into Star Wars at all, so I didn't see the film...
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There was only one James Bond, and that was Sean Connery. I will watch his JB films until the cows come home - the rest, sorry they just don't do it for me. I grew up very near Pinewood studios and we used to cycle up to the hedges there and peek through when they were filming outside the huge 007 stage - THAT was fun!

I have to also admit to being a little contrary and deliberately steering away from 'blockbuster' type films. I did see Minority Report which was great (Philip Dick story AND Tom Cruise eye-candy - great combination)!! but apart from that I nearly always end up being disappointed if I go to the cinema. Special effects are all very well, but I still think it takes far more skill to craft a good story and transfer it visually and emotionally to the screen (too much time studying films at art school to see them as entertainment I suppose).

Apart from that I HATE the environment - overheated pop-corn, cooking onion smell, badly trained staff, dirty environment, peoples mobile hones going off . . . need I continue?

OK - now I'll slope back into my cave, light my candle, and sharpen the flints in preparation for dinner time . . .
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Sppeaking of movies, I watched the movie 'The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys', it is out on dvd now, about 4 boys, but really focuses on 2 of them. It isnt a blockbuster type movie but it is very good. Very good performances by Jodie Foster, Vincent D'Onofrio (of course I would watch a movie with him in it!) and Kieran Culkin.
It is different from other movies I have seen and I think its worth mentioning.
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LOTR is the shiznit! I just got the extended DVD version this weekend. There's a 1/2 hr of deleted scenes in the movie! It is awesome. I don't know why they didn't put it in the theater version. Time constraints more likely. The bookends that came with it are pretty cool too! I have always been a fan of Tolkien. I read all three of the books when I was a kid. I can't wait till it comes out on DVD. I want to see it now, now, now!
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I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought the new Bond film wasn't up to snuff! We went to see it yesterday. I still need to see Harry Potter 2, maybe I can convince Mike to go tomorrow. Or else we'll wait until it comes to McMenamins theatre( local pub/theatre... good beer, dining and a movie in one place, what could be better?) and see it then. I'm waiting for Nemesis to come out, and LOTR 2.

Also, I went to see the IMAX version of Star Wars II- I didn't like the movie the first time, and this time I didn't like it AND it made me sick to my stomach. At least they cut like 30 minutes of Anekin's whining, but they also cut the Jar-Jar scenes!
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We have both DVD versions of LOTR. I don't think we will ever watch the theater version again, though. The longer version is so much better! From what I understand, Peter Jackson was pretty much forced to cut it down because the studio didn't think that people would sit through a movie that long. At least he got to do it his way for the DVD. I cannot wait until Two Towers comes out. There are very few movies that I will pay to see in the theater, and this is definitely one of them.
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LOTR was amazing. I went into it really not expecting to like it at all. I've seen it probably 7 times now. It's just beautiful!
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My 14 year old sister told me that she hated it, so I thought that I would too. It was by far one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is right up there with my favorites (Braveheart, Gladiator, and the Patriot). I love the historical movies. I can not wait till the next one comes out. I think it is this month. I don't go to the movies often, but I have to go and see it. My husband really liked it too. It was not his kind of movie but he really did enjoyed it.
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I loved LOTR, and asked for it on DVD (I'm keeping my fingers crossed Santa/Dad will get me a DVD player for Christmas). Although, my favorite Peter Jackson movie is still "The Frighteners". Has anyone else seen it? It's funny and scary, and Michael J. Fox has what I think is an amazing performance in the movie. Plus, the FBI agent who is the offspring of Fox Mulder of the X-Files and Hitler (don't worry, just the appearance)...

For those who liked LOTR, you may want to hunt down "The Frighteners".
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If you have the extra money, you should really buy the extended version of LOTR! Hubby loved this movie, so I bought him the extended version for his b-day. We have both versions, and even I will admit, I liked the extended one. The bookends are pretty cool, too.
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Nicki!! I have to agree with your choice of Top Movies.... The Patriot has to be one of my most favorites ever, Gladiator too, I loved Braveheart but can't watch it too often as I have to keep looking away at the gross bits!! :laughing:
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Tigger - I did buy the extended DVD version 4 discs and 30 minutes extra footage. I got it from Amazon for £23 and they delivered it in 2 days, along with that piddling pap Star Wars 2, lol.

My only disappointment was it ended so abuptly, but that's for obvious reasons. I cannot wait for the Two Towers, the trailers look fantastic.
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I loved Lord of the Rings! I wondered how they would do with such a complicated story, but they pulled it off beautifully. I'm glad I passed on the new James Bond. I thought Pierce Brosnan would be a better Bond than he was. He has 1 more on his contract. Has anyone heard who might be next? I heard Adrian Paul (yummy) is at the top of the short list to be the next James Bond.
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Is he a Brit? They are trying to keep JB as a British agent.
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I heard Adrian Paul (yummy) is at the top of the short list to be the next James Bond.
There's only one problem with Adrian Paul as Bond-I'd keep on thinking "There can be only one"!
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Originally posted by Yola
Apart from that I HATE the environment - overheated pop-corn, cooking onion smell, badly trained staff, dirty environment, peoples mobile hones going off . . . need I continue?

OK - now I'll slope back into my cave, light my candle, and sharpen the flints in preparation for dinner time . . .
You better start early with that dinner...I heard damp weather is approaching!


Yola, that's too funny!!

Recently I haven't gone to the movies at all. Ticket prices in Toronto can get as high as $14 CDN per ticket, therefore 2 people, some treats, easily $35!!

All our money is being put into our home renovations right our best friend is rentals from Blockbuster Video!

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He's half Brit, half Italian.
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Thats okay then, lol.

They touted Matthew Perry as the next Bond, pfft he's way to scrawny. I liked Adrian Paul in Highlander, so long as he loses the pony tail in the Bond role.
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