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Blood in the stool

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Hello petlovers!

I have a question about about blood in the stool. I have a female cat, she is a tortie and is 5 years old. Ever since she been living in my house. Her stool always been very soft. She is living with two male cats. I have notice for a few days her stool is medium brown, it has little bit of blood in it. It smells awful. Now Sabrina doesn't cover her stool up anymore. I am feed in her right now Solid Gold Katz-n-Flocken Dry Cat Food. Her problem still has cleared up. I notice sabrina hasn't been eating that much lately like was before. She had this problem before but it is back again. The reason she was having diarrhea because we we're feeding her from plastic bowls. We stop with the plastic dishes. What causes blood in the cats stool? Should I be concern. I know it isn't normal, the stool should be formed. Please let me know. Thanks for your time.
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There are just so many things that can cause blood in a cat's stool, there's really no benefit to speculating about what it could be. She needs to see a vet so he can determine what's causing it.

That, combined with the lack of appetite are two big neon signs saying she needs medical attention.

Hope it turns out to be nothing serious, easy to treat, and that it's nothing causing her pain,

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I had the same problem with one of my cat when I switched to her Solid Gold dry food. She was having loose stool at first then diarrhea with blood. I was freaked out so I took her to the vet. They ran a couple of tests on her and gave me prescription diet IBD as well as some medicine to take home.

Like Lauri said, there are many reasons for bloody stool. I would suggest you to take your cat to the vet asap.
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