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Pepper is squinting?

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I noticed this afternoon (of course after the vet closed) that Pepper is keeping her right eye closed or squinted. This is definitely new today.

I have looked at the eye the best I could and it does not seem red or weepy. She is not pawing at it, jut keeping it closed a lot of the time. She is eating, toileting, playing normally and it seems not to really bother her.

She slept all afternoon and I was hoping when she woke up that it would be ok. Maybe she had something in it and it would clear after her nap, nope. If it's not better tomorrow I'll call the vet 1st thing Monday and see if I can get her in. Any thoughts on what might be causing this? It's so sad, I hate to see any of my kitties with trouble!
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It's possible she has a hair in her eye, or she may have scratched it. I would also check carefully around the eye though--Spot developed an abscess on his forehead that I didn't notice right away as the first sign was just him looking a little squinty.
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She might have scratched it or got something in it, or it could be conjunctivitis - Radar has had that a couple of times. The vet first checked for scratches and foreign bodies on the cornea and checked the eyelids and area around the eye, and then prescribed some cream which we had to put in his eye twice a day for 5 days - that cleared it up fine both times. I am sure that a vet trip Monday will put her right
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We have that problem with Carly. The vet couldn't see anything and believes that it is a feline herpes virus as she was a shelter kitty. She tends to get it when she's been under stress (so we had a lot of it occurring right after a vet visit). We are giving her lysine for the herpes. When she starts squinting, we observe her and take her in if it lasts more than a couple of days as it might have developed into an infection.

Definitely take her in if she is still exhibiting symptoms on Monday.
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Thanks for the replies! Her eye seems fine this morning but I'm still watching her pretty closely. I think she may just had some dust or a hair and a good nights sleep took care of it.

I did check her facial area all around the eye and there is nothing there. Hopefully that's the end of it but if not a vet visit will definitely be in order!
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