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how to raise two kittens?

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ive just adopted two 3 mo old, neutered kittens yesterday. they are almost identical and are always cuddling with each other .
im not a new cat parent but i am new at raising two at the same time so i have a few questions:
1) how can i help teach each kitten their own name without having them get mixed up?
2) they are using the same litter box for now and have no problems, but do u think they will need their own box as they grow up?
3) they are also sharing their food and water bowl. one (jack) shoves the other (colby)when eating but both manage to eat, always at the same time.... will they need their own food and water bowls too?
4) also, colby is always trying to suck on his brother, jack, but jack does not like it at all, how do i help colby find comfort in doing something else?

any other suggestions or advise would be great too!
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This is so cute! Congrats on your new family members! First of all, a great way to start name association with them individually is to feed them in separate bowls at feeding time. Before feeding them establish eye contact with each one individually while stating their names. Even if at first you pick one up and make eye contact calling by name, set down in front of bowl of food, then the other doing the same, if tries to chow into brothers food, call by name, pick up and set 1-2 feet away with other bowl of food. This is the quickest way, and don't feel you are being to repetitive, at first that is what becomes easiest for them to distinguish as a constant vocal communication. Before you know it you will be dealing with the "no, get down, stop that" commands! Good luck! Oh yeah, you are definitely going to want to add another litter box by 6 moths old, this of course depends on size of living area, but regardless of neutered, there are still changes in each so better to accommodate then instigate bad behavior. ANy other Q, ask, I will check in or PM.......
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