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please help

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Okay well there is this stray cat in my yard, ans she is very skidish, she will run the second she sees you. So i noticed she has been living in a lean too off one of my sheds. One day i went in to it and found she had four babies, probably four weeks old then. So someone took them and, then called the next day saying they were not doing good. So he gave them back and put them in the same spot that we found them in. A day later they were gone. But this was about three weeks ago. So they should beable to walk, and i have not seen on sight of them. I no that the mother is eating the food we put out for her but, could she have maybe killed them, or moved them (probably). And does anyone no anyway to look for signs of the kittens, and stray mother. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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I dont know what to tell you. I think that if you took them in the first place you never should have put them back, regardless of whether or not they weren't doing good. (maybe you shouldn't have even took them at all) You had your sent on them, so they probably would be rejected. I truly (and i'm sorry to say this) think that these kittens are not alive. They would not have been able to survive without a mother.
But if you are lucky, and they did survive, and the mother came back for them. They still might be out there. I would try to get a trap out so you can trap them possibly (or the mother). I know that most Police Stations, and Humane Societys carry them. In my area the Farm & Home/Farm Fleet stores carry them, starting at 16.99. I would look around, because if you did trap her, you wouldnt nessicarily have to keep her.
As for looking for thekittens, look in small places that they would fit, and that if you were a scared momma cat would hide your kittens. Maybe try placing smelly food in different places and see what comes out. Or try following the momma at a distance, or with binoculars. Possibly you can hear them, because most kittens at that age can be quite vocal.
Good luck! I hope you can find them!
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you might want to repost this in the SOS and caring for strays and ferals, you might get a better rseponse. Good Luck!!!
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