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Hey there~!

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Just joined the forums before bed last night and thought I'd come and introduce myself quickly~!

I'm Sei, originally from London in the UK but moved to Japan at the start of 2005 and have never looked back. xD I've wanted a cat my entire life but, my mum is seriously allergic so it was just never possible, even when I moved out of home and went to university (because she'd have never been able to visit me).
But, now I live alone in Japan and since I recently found out I have a secure visa and am definitely going to stay here for a long time, I splurged and bought myself a little Russian Blue kitten called Shinya.

Shinya was only 6 weeks old when I bought her and she only had her first vaccination yesterday! (She's 9 weeks old now) It's been brought to my attention how INSANELY young this is (which I suspected anyway) but that's just the way Japan in with kittens/puppies.

She's a little ball of kitteny terror, tearing around the house and demanding attention 24/7 but I adore her more than anything else in the world so basically don't leave the house right now! We're always together.. she even sleeps with me now (impossible at first due to late night face pouncings! xD).. She's curled up on my lap as I type this and the only reason she's not interferring and trying to say hello by bouncing on the keyboard is because she's asleep!! D

Anyway.. photos~!!

This is Shinya the day I got her at 6 weeks.

And a few days later.

And this is her just a couple of days ago at about 9 weeks old.

I really can't beleive how much she's grown in just 3 weeks!

Anyway, it's nearly breakfast time for both of us so I'd better head to the kitchen before she wakes up and starts screaming at me.. xD
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Aww! Welcome to TCS, and adorable kitty.
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Welcome from Paisley, Josie, the 2 calicos, Peaches, the champaign tabby, and Arthur the Turkish Angora.
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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& welcome to TCS. I know exactly what you're going through. Soak it all up, as you say, they grow so quickly. Nowadays in Australia you can't get a puppy until 8 weeks & a kitten at 12 weeks.
I've had Blossom, my nearly 9 m/o kitten since September. My son found her after being dumped one nite on his way home from the supermarket. The vet estinmated her to be about 3 weeks. I bottle fed her for the 1st few weeks. And was she wild, not so much now, but she gets into a lot of mischief.
Look forward to hearing more about you cute little kitty.
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Thanks everyone!

They really do grow SO quickly.. I hadn't even really noticed she'd grown because I see her every day, then one day a week ago I just looked at her and went "Huh.. your face looks more mature!!!!".. and then comparing old photos to new photos, I can really see the difference. She's so much bigger to, though she's still just a tiny dot of a baby who makes everyone squeal! xD

The craziness with her is watching her slowly learn things and realize what she can actually do.. Like, every week she learns to jump just that bit higher.. Recently she reazlied she can get up onto the dining table by leaping onto one of the chairs so I've now lost my main "safe from kitty" surface. And since I'm the kind person who generally leaves stuff lying around, I'm really having to work hard to remind myself that I've got to keep the place INSANELY tidy or she's going to eat everything! Like yesterday, I left a magazine on the table and now it has kitty teeth holes all over it! DD

But wow, 3 weeks old is SO young. I have to give my Shinya milk formula up to her 2nd vaccination but she doesn't need a bottle or anything. And she came to me complete toilet trained so I've had no problems with her in that area.
I think in Japan the kitten selling age is 6 weeks because that generally seems to be about the time they enter pet stores and such (like right now all the new kittens were born mid April). I've never seen anything younger than that and most of the time the kittens sell before they reach 12 weeks it seems.
It IS too young, but at the same time I'm loving watching my baby grow up.. and tearing my brand new apartment apart along the way.. xDD
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Aww...she's absolutely gorgeous! Welcome to TCS!
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that is an absolutely adorable kitten! you must be very proud
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She is very pretty

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Hello and welcome to you and your adorable kitty She sounds such a peach

Its great here, theres always lots to do, see and learn it can become a bit of an addiction but dont worry you are among good friends

Glad you dropped by to join us and enjoy the forums !
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Welcome Sei and Shinya! Ahhhh.... Shinya is just the most adorable little girl! I can see you already have the posting of pictures down but if you need help with anything else, please click on my name and send me a private message
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Thankyou everyone again for all your comments! *hugs*

Yeah, Shinya is a complete baby! I just made the perfect decision when I chose her. It's only 7:30am here in Japan and we just spent a night sleeping together again (she's getting really good at just sleeping next to my head for the whole time I'm crashed out) and now she's tearing around the house like only a kitten can chasing her little ball and pulling her trick of throwing litter everywhere just so she can chase it (and let's not forget EAT IT! x_x)

So yes, a crazy morning in my household today.. xD
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This is such a great site, everyone here is so nice and friendly Also this site can be very informative and helpful too

O my What a cutie u have there They really do grow so quickly and they grow up so fast!

Well see u on the forums
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Hi and welcome to TCS! Shinya is absolutely adorable! congrats on your new kitten!
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Hello and Welcome to you and Shinya, she is so adorable, I just love little gray kitties.
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Hi and welcome to TCS! What a beautiful girl you have there! Enjoy her kittenhood while you can, it really does go by fast.
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