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Peedoodle is such a goof!

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I have been playing and playing with Peedoodle all morning, with his favourite mouse on a leash
I decided I needed to go to the bathroom, and since I am home alone, I didnt bother closing the door, no one to peek at me. The next thing I see is Peedoodle walking into the bathroom with his mouse in tow. Do any of your cats bring their toys to you when you are in the bathroom or soemthing like that? What a goof! LOL
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Whenever I am in the potty, my cat Sunshine has to come in. Almost like to check on me. Its very cute, she will circle around my legs giving me love rubs. Very sweet.
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I have the morning ritual of Fifi (who is incidentally, my new Avatar . . .) pounding into the bathroom after me and landing in my lap. She also LOVES to sit on the loo when the lid is down (a golden rule in my house is that the lid must be down at ALL times unless in use).
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Yep Bod always wants to sit on my lap, he doesn't bring any toys, just sits watching for a sec, then tries to get up!! :laughing:
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Suki's not allowed in the bathroom unless someone is there. We keep the seat down at all times so she can't get up and maybe fall in. She howls behind the door if I'm in there.

She's probably thinking 'You watch me on the litter, so I'm going to watch you'.
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There is a gap between the bottom of the bathroom door and the floor. Each time one of us uses the bathroom, little kitten feet come sweeping, stretching and flailing about under the door! Gotta watch your feetn (especially if their nails haven't been recently clipped)!

Lazlo LOVES the bathroom, and sits and watches the water run down the shower stall door every morning. If I start to shower without him in there, he meows up a storm to be let in.

We always keep the bathroom door open or he meows to get in - which means we keep the lid down and all cabinet doors closed. But then he meows to get in the cabinets (or at that weird cat in the mirror?) - it got so bad yesterday evening, I actually cleared out one of the cabinets so he could crawl in there! (Yay - he must be feeling SO MUCH better!)

They LOVE it when their toys are just the other side of the door - it apparently is lots of fun to fish around and find them with their feet and pull them (or try to) under the door. If one (a toy) gets "trapped" in there and they accidentally make the door shut - they sure let us know! Meeeooow!!!!!

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In the morning when I'm doing my first tinkle of the day, Alf comes and joins in by tinkling in the bathroom basin. When Julian goes for his tinkle, Alf gets on the back of the toilet and watches the action.
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Trent LOVES to play in the bathtub when we are in there. His favorite game is Peek, where we peek at him from the side of the shower curtain and he bops us on the head. LOL
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Ed loves the bathroom. He sits in there even in the dark. He loves to drink from the toilet bowl -- he prefers it to his own drinking bowl (I've tried everything short of Perrier to get him to prefer his own). He even gives us dirty looks when we use the toilet (sorry bud, that's what it's for!! :clown: )

He will also sit on the side of the tub and bat at the water as I run a bath and then dip his tail and paws in the water when I'm soaking. He'll also lick water off my legs when I get out of the tub or shower. If that's not enough - he jumps in and start licking the tub floor.
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Lol, I've had cats that do that. But for the most part, my cats just like to sit on my lap WHILE I'm on the toliet.
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Since I live alone I rearely close the bath room door. So, when someone comes to visit and uses the bathroom, of course closing the door, Loki sits outside and waits until the door is open again. LOL :0)))
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None of my kitties ever go into the bathroom anymore, except for Auxana and only on Saturdays! She waits untill I get up on Sat. morning and she follows me around where ever I go. She gets so excited that she has me for a whole day! I have never seen any of my kitties drink out of the toliet! Yuch! They always have plenty of fresh water out anyway. Josephine used to sit next to the tub when I would take a bath. She hasn't done that for a while. She used to love to take bathes with me. Yes! I would take a bath with my cat. No, she never once scratched me! She would sit right in my lap in the water and let me shampoo her up and rinse her! Once I got Auxana she stopped.
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LOL -- she would really take baths with you! I wish I could get Ed to do that (he has cleaning issues sometimes).:goodbad:

I find it gross that he drinks from the toilet, too. We change the water in his bowl a couple times a day. I've tried bottled water (several varieties). I've even tried a different bowl. He still prefers the toilet, water in the plant bowl (can't fertilize THAT plant), sneaking over and drinking from the humidifier while I am filling the tanks, my legs... it seems ANYTHING but his bowl.

well -- that's a bit of an exageration. He does drink from his bowl. I guess he just likes a variety. Must be the thrill of sticking his head into places it really doesn't belong! I know I should put the lid down, but it makes him so happy.

He's my clown!
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Kiki loves to sit at the door and stare at me and then she will come and pounce on my lap. When I take a shower, she sits and waits by the door and if I close it she opens it while I am in the shower. One time she fell in the shower, while being nosy, so she won't come near it now.
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My little Rocko carries those little "Bite-size" rats - you know the ones...with rabbit fur and a leather tail. He gets a WILD HAIR now and then and bats the little rat all over the house violently...

Sometimes, in the wee hours of the night, I can hear Rocko wondering about the house while meowing with a rat in his mouth. He usually jumps in my bed and drop that cold wet rat right into my hand.....once he dropped a real frog in my hand at 3am....I freaked... LOL! Don't trust him anymore.

The funniest thing he does with the rat is...when he's done playing with itÒ€”he drops it into his cat bowl. I have found as many as 3 rats in his little dish in the mornings....he's too funny. He's the only cat that I have that does this.

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Ivo has to join me in the bathroom, when I'm doing things I wouldn't share with another human The shower and the sink don't fascinate her at all, thanks be. The funniest thing is often when I use the toilet, she has to use her litter box (which is right outside my bathroom). She really seems to understand what I'm doing in there!

And of course, the toilet is always closed. I had a friend, how had hyperthyroidism, and was treated with radioactive iodine to help control her overactive thyroid. For weeks, they had to keep the door to the bathroom shut, as well as the toilet lid down, so her cats wouldn't drink radioactive toilet water
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Kim, my Trent puts his toys in his bowl too! I've found as many as 3 sparkle poms in his food bowl. Ophelia sometimes does this too, but she puts toys in the water dish. She doesn't do it very often because she can't get them out again, especially the twist ties - those sink immediately. For a few days, though, Trent decided that the best place to keep his sparkle ball was IN the toilet! Only in the guest bathroom, not the one off our bedroom which gets used more. There's a dilema for you...kitty's toy is in the toilet, it's clean and all, but do you get it out again or not???
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valanhb - LOL!!! The toilet, huh? Well, over HERE, I guess it would depend whether or not my son flushed! ROTFL! I can only imagine.... (I'm in tears laughing)

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Peeps wants the faucet on to drink water whenever we are in the bathroom. Excalibur thinks anything we are sitting down it is snuggle time!
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I know why cats put thier toys in thier bowls! They are trying to "feed" them. Auxana always puts her mice in her food bowl. I think she thinks they are really alive! She probley has such affection for her toys that she feels she needs to share her food. Or she could do it because she wants them (her fur mice) to smell like her food. Or, maybe she puts them thier because they are mice and she thinks they belong in her food bowl. Maybe she's trying to give me a hint! Mice in my bowl Mom, pllleeeaasse!
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