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How can I get rid of Cat urine smell???

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Hi all,

I have two cats "Charlie" & "Ellie" and are both 4 yrs old. They are both home cats and rarely go outside as the other cats in our area are little gits!!!
Both are well toilet trained but "Charlie" has started to go urinate on the carpet in our hallway. He has done this 4 or 5 times now and it is becoming very frustrating as the carpet has developed a strong smell on the underlay.
Is there a way I can stop him from peeing there and most importantly, can I neutralise the urine smell. I have tried carpet cleaners and oderisers but the smell seems to come back after a couple of days.
Are there any "Grandma's recepie's" that might do the trick???
Also can I stop him from peeing in this same place???

I would be very greatful for any help.

Regards Clayt.
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Well as for the Urine smell, I can recomend a great product called knockout. I can give you the distributors website if you want. I havnt found anything like it to date. I even switched from another brand I used to really like.
As for the carpet peeing. Is he neutered? If not, that may be the cause. The other would be to have him checked for a Urinary tract infection. This is the #1 cause for going outside of the box. Then has there been any disruptions in the house? Is he getting along with his brother? They last may be that the smell is not gone and he has claimed it as his box.
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Hi Sandie,

Thanks for the reply....If you can give me the web address for the "Knockout" product, I would be greatful.

Thanks for the advice.
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I am here to tell you...this stuff is amazing. I put it in a humidifier with water and it leaves the room smelling like it had been steralized.

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from http://www.nok-out.com/page2.htm


"Use Amazing NOK-OUT on carpeting, upholstery, litter boxes, kennels, horse trailers, skunk odors, and much more!

Safe enough to use directly on your beloved pet!"

so this is relatively safe then Sandie? i mean for putting
directly in the litter box? (i wouldnt want to put it on
my cat) - just in the litter box, like baking soda.

i have been looking for a really good deodorizor(sp?)

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Yes, from my experience it is safe. I have talked to a few other breeders who even spray it on really rank Stud cats. It is a really good product. I dont think I have ever seen anything like it yet. I had a stud cat in my daughters room for 2 weeks and the smell I could not get rid of. I left the humidifier running for about 4 hours and 4 days later it still has a very crisp clean smell in there. It really has no odor, it reminds me of a VERY light chlorine smell. The only warning they have is for drinking it or getting it in your eyes.
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