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Need help. Stinky Stinky Kitty!

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I havn't been able to bath Zorro in a few months because of his back problems. He's getting very greesy and i just noticed the other day that he's really starting to stink (I think its from him drooling on himself...he has rancid breath, lol).
I'm worried about bathing him since I don't want to re-injure his back. I have with water-less shampoo stuff, but it seems to make his coat very dry and flaky for a week.
What can I do about the smell and greesy hair? Should I use the water-less shampoo and just deal with the dry hair/skin for a week, or is there something else I can do?
I've put off bathing him for way longer than I should have. He really reeks! lol
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Sounds like a trip to the vet for teeth problems to me. But if you have 2 people, there is no reason you can't be careful and give him a full bath in the tub or large sink. If you get a pet shampoo, be sure to read the label - they can't use any dog shampoos nor anything with tea tree oils in it.
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He always has teeth problems, and is scheduled for another dental cleaning in the next month or so. I'm just waiting until one of his teeth needs to be pulled so that he doesn't have to go under more than once this month (not to mention its much cheaper)
He's a real freekout in the bath, and I'm really scared that he'll twist a certain way and really hurt himself. It takes five people to hold him down just to get his blood taken at the vets. He's a bad, bad boy.
Why is it that they can't have tea-tree oil? I know there are some products for cats that have them in it, like stuff for hot spots. The shampoo I use has lavender and tea-tree oil in it, and I havn't had any problems (its designed specifically for cats)
I don't know what to do.
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I agree, it sounds like he needs to go to the vet to have some other issues, such as his teeth, addressed. You could also have a groomer at the vet do the bath. I wouldn't go to a commercial groomer if he has back problems. But talk to a vet about their groomer or someone they would trust.

Tea tree oil can be toxic for cats if there is some not rinsed off and they lick that area. Just because a shampoo or product is made for cats, doesn't mean it's good for them. I'll try to find some articles about it. But all you have to do is google tea tree oil and cats I think.
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Thank you for those websites. I'll definately have to get some new shampoo.
He has parrot mouth, and periodontal disease, so he's always having problems with his teeth. The vet wants me to wait until one of them needs to be pulled before going in for another cleaning since he's already been under 4 times in the last year. It'll probably be another month before he goes in. His teeth get checked daily, so if things start to look really bad, he'll be going in sooner.
I'll have to call them and ask if they do baths. I know there's also a vet clinic that only treats cats, and there's another vet clinic that has a groomer inside the clinic, so I'll have to give them a call.
I know he stinks because he drools on himself and its his breath that makes his coat stink. I'm half tempted to put some pet pj's on him to keep him from drooling all over himself. He doesn't clean himself anyways so its not like it will interfere with that.
The hubby thinks it would be mean to put the pj's on him, but I'm getting sick of his smell. It really really reeks!
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Look for some "bibs". I know the persian people use them at shows to prevent the persians from licking their coats. That would probably work well for you.
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Thats a good idea. I'm not sure if it would keep him from drooling over the other parts of his body though(like his back legs and stuff). I'll give it a try though, because I'd much rather put a bib on him, then a pair of pj's (he'd probably hate me for a month if I had to do that)
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So i got fed up yesterday and decided to use the water-less shampoo anyways. I figured if after I used it, I wet his coat very well with a soaking wet rag to get the residue off, it might now bother his skin as much. I'm not sure if my new method worked, or if his coat was just so dirty and greesy that it didn't get down to the skin, lol. Anyways, his coat didn't turn out flaky like it usually does. I did manage to pull out a few handfuls of hair though(he doesn't really shed by himself).
I'm still planning on calling a good cat groomer though and maybe trying that out. If it works good, then maybe I'll start taking him there once a month.
I'm planning on putting some pj's on him for today until I can get out to get a bib or bandana or something to keep him from drooling on himself. He smells somewhat better now, and I want to try and keep it that way.
Now if only his breath would improve, lol...
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Have you ever tried any of the cat treats they have now? Like greenies, or better yet, for breath, the C & H Treat-ums. They have breath treats, treats to help fecal odor problems and De-fur-ums for hairballs.
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I have tried a few of the treats, but they don't seems to help at all. I'm assuming its because he doesn't chew them and just swallows them whole.
He gets this dental breath freshener/flouride in his water every day. It doesn't do anything for his breath though(its supposed to). The only thing it does is make it about a month longer before he needs to go in for another dental(which I guess it a good thing)
I think I might just get some cat toothpaste and rub in on his tongue and gums. It might freshen up his breath a bit, lol.
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You can also use coffee filters for a temporary bib. Use just the regular filters. Cut out a small section from the middle and slide it over his head. (yes, this is a "persian" trick ) This will at least keep the front of him dry for a while.
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Thats a neat little trick!
I woke from my nap earlier to find him laying next to me with his front covered in drool. So much for making him smell better, lol.
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