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Originally Posted by ShopCat View Post
Thank you! It's a very addicting hobby, & the fish seem so much happier-it's neat to watch them swimming around in all of the plants with the nice soft leaves instead of the hard plastic ones. If you ever really get into planted tanks, the plastic plants will never be the same.
I've actually been thinking about trying real plants. I just haven't been brave enough to take the plunge yet.
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Wow, I'm in love with your planted fish tank! I have a 50 gallon that's sitting empty cause I can't have it here in the apartment, but when we move, I hope to set it back up. Would love to get it looking like that. It would be between that and setting back up my saltwater tank though.

Right now, I have a rabbit named Cora and 2 bettas and a guppy. Also lots of house plants (which are almost as spoiled as the pets!)
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I live in a zoo!

I have two dogs -
Sofie - Lhasa/Terrier Mix- She's going to be 11yrs this year!!!!!! I got her when she was 6mos old out of the newspaper, spayed and everything because she has wicked bad seperation anxiety [they left that part out!]. She's a great girl and she loves everyone, she's also a typical terrier.
LiLo - Rottweiler Mix - She's 2yrs I got her when she was 16 weeks from a cowoworker who got a puppy and couldn't keep it. LiLo is awesome, we're going to start agility soon, she's very smart and she's a good kid. She's not overly keen on strangers but once she knows you aren't going to eat her she LOVES you.

I have two cats -
Napolean - 2yrs I got him from a rescue when he was about 10 weeks old, him and his brother were found in the bottom of a garbage can. He's my high maintence kid with horrible food allergies but I adore him. He's like a dog... he loves people and loves dogs that come over!
Pause - 1.5yrs a client at the clinic I work at had 3 very sick kittens wander into her yard. She couldn't keep them so they stayed at work and I fell in love with Pause. He is white with a grey tail and grey spots that look like a 'pause' symbol on his forehead. He's not quite as confident as Napolean but he has a HUGE purr box.

I have 14 chickens and a duck. I won't name them off, but they all have names, and the duck is named Alfie. They are pets and we eat their eggs. I have a variety of breeds, my favorites however are Cochins and Barred Rocks.

I have a Thoroughbred mare named Cairo. We do jumping and tons of trail riding.

Lastly [but not least!] I have a female Betta named Tia and a 5" Gold Comet named Achilles, they live in a 20 gallon tank together.
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