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Of course the two kitties Ashten & Siam

Daisy - Black lab mix
Benji - dachshund/schnauzer mix (we think)
Kanga - female guinea pig
Cece - female guinea pig
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We have 2 dogs who happen to be littermates, Sam and Spike. Their mother was an Irish Setter mix. Sam is 75 pounds and looks very much like a Golden Retriever. Spike is 95 pounds and has the body of a lab and the head of a setter with the curly hair of a black setter (sort of in spots around his body). They will be 4 in November.

We also have a part time dog that actually lives across the street but begs to come inside every time the weather is bad (she is an "outdoor" dog). Her name is Vader and other than a little bit of Rottie, we have no clue what she is and her owner doesn't know her age as she was a freshly spayed stray when she wandered up to their house a few years back. For a poor dog that was handed the life of an outdoor dog, she is very well behaved and likes to sleep under the coffee table. We've told the neighbor that we would adopt her from them but they aren't willing right now. She runs the neighborhood when she's outside.
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Besides my new kitty "Newbie" With us since Feb 2007
(I recently lost my kitty of 15 years to long term medical problems diabetes and renal failure...)

I have;
Two chinchillas (broccoli and Cheddar)
One red tailed boa (Snakey)
My chihuahua (Potato)
An Oscar fish (FishCake)-->>my boyfriend will not give into the name ~He calls him Oscar
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I have:

Daisy May, 13 year old Australian Cattle Dog

Yannik, 14 month old Australian Cattle Dog x Mutt

Missy, 4 (?) year old kitty

Kagome, 2 year old kitty

Ookpik, 1 year old chinchilla Mini Lop

Rocky, approx. 1 year old female Hedgehog

Totoro, 1 year old sable banded Syrian Hamster

29 gal tank with 4 Goldfish: Dorie, orange fantail; Dot, orange oranda; Jacob and Sammi, Black Moors and 2 Chinese Algae Eaters: Scoot & Scat

Tiny Tim, male Betta

And that's it! Phew!
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Well, obviously I have Molly and Polly.

I also have
A Border Collie mix named Millie.

A little chihuahua/terrier/questionmark named Lucy. . .

. . .and a sweet little gray dwarf rabbit named Blossom. I have some pics of her on my camera but I haven't uploaded them yet. I will post when I do.

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I had four fish until some crow figured out they where there a couple weeks ago. Now I have two. I'd babied them along for 8 years.

I have 12 cats:

1 dog named Dobber

1 miniature donkey, Petie

1 miniature horse, Samie

1 llama, Dolly. (get it?)

A cat that's been showing up regularly at the barn for dinner...Tux.

A kitten I found on the road this weekend.

I sold my horse, but would like to get a mule.

The end.
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Geez, I thought we were offering a small petting zoo in our home, but a lot of you put me to shame!!!

Let's see...

Obviously, the 3 cats...Fergus, Ripley, and Captain Steuben.

Then, the 3 dogs...Melvin (7 yr old golden retriever), Puppy (lab/chow/rottie mix), and Rita (8 week-old basset hound pup).

What can I say? We're equal opportunity pet owners...we have the best of both worlds!
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Besides my 2 cats, I also have a Senegal Parrot called Jasper. He (although I've never had him DNA tested, he could be a she) is very very loyal and devoted to me, and jealous of any attention I give to others or that I receive myself. He chose me by screaming loudly and regurgitating for me when he first laid eyes on me, and I couldn't ignore such a poignant plea to be with me. He's about 5 now and still doesn't have his adult eye colour, he's still a baby. I hope he will be with me (and I with him!) for the next 30 years! He talks a bit, Sennies are not really known for their ability to speak, but he has a few phrases that he uses, and he understands much more besides what he has learned to say. He likes to give kisses and a bit of mutual grooming. He's a one person bird and will only let me touch him, he's cuddly with me but I fear he may savage others.
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1 yorkie who I am told is a dog

1 cat who thinks she is a dog

3 fish tanks
tank one 2.5 bowl with natural filtration
Amadeaus the blue and turq veil tail betta male

tank two 2 stage filtered 3.5 gallon
3 white clouds vitanmese

tank three 3 stage times 2 filtered 9.5 gallon

Preacox rainbows

Pitbull pleco

If all goes well

Two bunnies

Robiddo ( no idea he is 6-7 lbs and blue)
Happy( drawf mix/ tortie )
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Besides the 9 cats I have 4 dogs!!

Amy-pit bull
Molly-gold ret.
Yoda-umm...yah hes a mutt!!
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besides the cats, i have a rottweiler, 4 years old, Piper.
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In another thread I show pictures of my 13 snakes, 11 Corn Snakes, 1 Mexican Black King Snake & 1 Albino Milk Snake

We also have 1 Adult Female Bearded Dragon Named Jade that we Rescued (unknown age), she was in sad, sad shape when she came in... she is now a Beauty!

(on my husbands shoulder while I readied her new enclosure when she came in, she looked TERRIBLE)

This is her Now... she looks Healthy & is doing GREAT!

We also have Loki our Brazilian Short-tailed Opossum. He is adorable and a ton of fun.

Plus we have our 2 Kitties Horatio & Yuki

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John and I have four dogs:
Thunder - 4 yr. old German Shepherd
Vega - 1 yr. old German Shepherd mix
Sammy - 2 yr. old Jack Russell/King Charles Spaniel mix
Scooter - 6 mon. old Beagle mix

John's dad has two dogs that live here:
Ralph - 3? yr. old Rottweiler
Sooner - 3 yr. old Beagle/Shepherd mix

And there are seven horses for now, but John's dad has to sell three sometime this year due to the price of grain and hay going ridiculously high this fall. For the moment there are:

The Belgians...

The Clydesdales:
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I have one dog, a Lab and his name is Tal
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I have a total of 23 animals: (I wish that total included a cat)
starting with the guinea pigs(16)
Girls: Baby aka Butterscotch -she is around 6 years old,
Mouse- around a year old.
Reeces- around a year old.
Aurora aka Roro- Rescue and the oldest. I think shes almost 7 if not already.
Tsunami- found under a car and was turned into a shelter.
Daisy- Roommate abandoned her and her companion, Dory.
Java- Mamas grandpiggy and born on September 20, 2006 by Cherrios.
Mama aka Scarlett- the mama of Cherrios, Sox, Admirale, Skittles, Antonio and Camile and is probably a year and a half.
Cherrios- was born on May 7, 2006,
Camile- same age as Antonio

Boys: Bear aka Attackofthebear- he's around a year,
Antonio aka Pretty Boy - probably a year and three months.
Admirale Wolverine Lightening Bolt- born on May 7, 2006,
Sox- born May 7, 2006
Skittles- born on May 7, 2006
Mocha- born on September 20, 2006 by Cherrios and Mamas grandpiggy.

Two bunnys- Sugar aka bunny girl is a lop mix and is a girl.
Waffle aka bunny boy is a dutch mix and is a boy.
They are both fixed.

Three dogs- Yogi Bear aka Horse- great dane and hes around 18 months.
Lucy aka Moose- Black Lab mix and is around 10 years old.
Bosco aka Cow- Brown Lab mix and she is also around 10 years old.

Two fish: They are both called fishy wishy.
One is a female beta and the other is a male beta.

The reason my family has so many piggies is partially due to a guinea pig that was returned to the petstore. That would be Mama. She already had two babies, which were Camile and Antonio when we got her but aound a month after we got her we noticed she kept getting bigger around the middle. Well, we took her to the vet and she was preggers with four little guinea pigs. She gave birth and at three weeks we separated them from her. We had already started sexing them but we mistaked one and ended up with Mocha and Java. The only reason I found out she was a girl was because it was three in the morning and I couldnt sleep so I decided to go hold a piggy. I choose the babies to hold but when I picked her up, she just felt different because all the others were boys. I held her almost all night after questioning if it was a girl and when I was 100 percent sure that my family had made a mistake I put her into the girls cage and shes been happy ever since. The first thing she did was lay down. Anyway she was put on preganacy watch and she gave birth to two piggys on September 20, 2006, but since that night there have been no more pregnant guinea pigs in my house. Atleast ones that are my fault.

Dory, Daisy's companion, passed away a month after we got her.

I can't post pictures yet but I will as soon as I can.
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My babies

Perky - Husky/Chow/Shep? She's 11.
Chase - the kitty, he's 13.
Sienna - guinea pig, she's a rex, and i think about 1.5 yrs?
Spook - mouse, a year plus a few months. her cagemate died of a tumor.
Mischief - rat girly, about a year old, agouti hooded.
Baby1 & Baby2 - the new rat girls, still need names, about 4-5 months, black hooded.
Quoi - male betta fish

Family pets
Oreo - Black and white Cocker Spaniel, 9 yrs?
Earnie - Black Cocker Spaniel, 7 yrs?
Graham - Sable Cocker Spaniel, 2 yrs.
Kitty AKA Beasty - Tortie cat, not sure on her age.
Simba - Sun conure, male, er, not sure age. he doesn't have his full adult coloring yet.
6 Lovebirds
Hamster - Don't remember "his" name.. (i think "he" is actually a she..)
Chinchilla - Chewy
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We have, roughly, about 35 cats. Here are the docile ones, including kittens, and few of the ferals. Barn cats, most are ages unknown.

Jenny: black & white female, docile
Bobby: bob-tailed, yellow/white/grey calico, docile, female
Gracie: yellow/white/grey calico, docile, female
Sylvester: black & white male, docile
Zoey: Siamese female, 10 w/o, docile
Chloe: yellow/white/grey calico female, 10 w/0, docile
Toby aka Chubs: grey male, 10 w/o, docile
Sherbert: orange & white male, 10 w/o, docile
Lucy: black/orange/white calico female, 10 w/o, docile
Unnamed: black female, 10 w/o, docile
Unnamed: black & white female, 10 w/o, docile
Scar: black male, feral
Mama: black & white female, feral
Scooter: black & white female, feral

We have four dogs...

Sam: about 12 y/o, male, brindle, Catahoula mix, cowdog
Shack: about 10 y/o, male, grey, Catahoula mix, cowdog
Gus: about 10 y/o, male, orange, brown, grey, black, white, Catahoula mix, cowdog
Tucker: almost 7 y/o, brown, black, white, Beagle male

We OWN 6 horses... all Quarter Horse geldings

Poncho: sorrel, 23 y/o
Frosty: fleabitten grey, 8 y/o
Cracker: sorrel, 3 y/o
Elmer: grey, 6 y/o
Gunnar: dark brown, 2 y/o
Mitch: 6 y/o, sorrel, gelding

Then there are lots of ranch horses. This is not including 13 mares, some yearlings and more two-year-olds, and some odds-and-ends.

Tuffy: stallion, sorrel
Jose: chestnut, gelding
Alfred: 3 y/o, gelding, sorrel
Frankie: grey, gelding
Rusty: 4 y/o, red roan, gelding
Topper: dark brown, gelding
Jesse James: grey, gelding
Peanut: 6 y/o, bay, gelding
Wyatt Earp: 6 y/o, sorrel, gelding
Primo: 6 y/o, dark dapple grey, gelding
Wasp: 2 y/o, sorrel, gelding
Unnamed: 2 y/o, sorrel, gelding
Unnamed: 2 y/o, sorrel, gelding

Grandpa has a horse… Sunnup: 7 y/o, dun, gelding

We have 6 dogie calves… Bandit, Bitty, Buddy, Rojo, Ill James, Sugar. The ranch Dad manages has roughly 1400 head of cattle. Our other pets include…

Rex: collared lizard, captured in wild as baby, had him for 5 years now, brother’s pet
Sassafras: orange & white adult 6 month old Syrian hamster

I’ve (in the past) had 2 Betta fish, a horny toad, and 2 cottontail rabbits rescued from near-death in the wild. Guess that’s about it… Oh, we also have two pet turtles (Kerry & Henrietta), they just kind of hang in the flower bed by the leaky faucet, but I consider them pets.
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Originally Posted by Keisha View Post
Oh jeez, where do I start, we have a regular Old McDonald Farm out here.
Umm well we have 10 cats, Keisha, Sammy, Kalli +babies
Spike-7 yr old white toy poodle who is missing an eye
Blacky (blackjack)-5 June 28 black lab
Luke-10 month old JRT
Lea-18 yr old retired (racing/broodmare) Throughbred mare
Red-8 yr old boy i cant think of what he is at the moment
4 Hamsters
Billy-dwarf hamster-1 yr oldin june
Bobbi-dwarf hamster 1 yr old in june
Mika-baby fancy syrian hamster-umm couple months old
Snowball-older longhaired albino syrian hamster-adult
12 assorted african chiclid
Mr. Toad-unsure of age or kind or sex
Alpine-male baby white Alpine Dairy goat (neutered) (no i didnt name him, my lovely sister and mother did ugh..)
Chase-male baby black pygmy goat (neutered)
Chocolate-baby i call him choclate pointed (because he has the colors of a chocolate pointed siamese, but i dont know what his "real" sheep color is lol) male (neutered) I cnat remember his breed at the moment
Vanilla-female baby lamb, all white shetland i believe (or somethig like that)
Smores-female baby lamb, white(marshnellows) with a brown (chocolate) and a lighter brown (grahm crackers) spotted on her
No name yet-male baby lamb all white w/ redish on his face neutered
Marshmellow-havent figured out sex yet all white
all lop eared except oreo-dwarf
Oreo-black and white dwarf bunny-male-baby
Baby-wild looking bunny-baby-female
Pepper-black w/ "peppered" coat gray and white specks-female-baby
Hopper all black female baby
Caramel-(thought to be female actulaly turnned out male) caramel colored baby bunny
8 guineas not sure of sex , becaue the only way you can tell is to listen to their call, and then i can figure them out, but not identify them again
3 bantams-buff brahma-2 hens and a rooster-cant remember what my sister named them...
4 Cornish rock, which are goign to get ate,, i know terrible..
10 more cornish rock 5 weeks old- only one named nugget-though he wil lnot be getting ate
15 "colored" chicks-2 barred rocks, 1 silver pencil lace wyandotte, 2 aruacanas, 5 rhode island reds, and 5 hardy concords there is 9 pullets and 6 cockerals-
named:rocky and bulwinkle, and angel, and andie (the rest arent named)
10 baby bantam chicks-assorted breeds still in the brooder-1 buff brahma for sure
then we have 40 more coming on june 8
5 barred rocks & 5 buff orpington & 15 cornish rock & 10 pheasants & 5 polish crested
and i believe thats it, but sometiem we are getting ducks/ducklings
I tryed not quoting the whole thing but I couldnt figure it out. Anyway, I am quoting you because I notice you dont know how to sex your guinea pigs. I have included a link below to an accurate site that will explain how to tell which guinea pig is what gender. I would have pm this but you have no contact information.
It may not hurt becoming a member of the site because you have quite a few guinea pigs. The site offers accurate information about guinea pigs.
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My previous message won't allow me to edit.

I just found out about guinea fowl and that is the way you tell their sex. I got worried because I've never heard of guinea fowl and didn't know about them. The only animal I knew of that had the name guinea in it was guinea pigs. All I can ask is that you specify which guinea you mean next time. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.
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I have 4 turtles, Harry, Ron.Hermione and Hagrid they are 5 years old.
I have a Rabbit named Sirius who is 2 years old.
I have a Rat Terrier named Nibbler he is just 3 months old.
Not to meantion my 3 girls (cats) Mufasa 3, Kiara 2 and Nala 1.
I know I have a LOT of animals but I love them all.
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Besides the 5 cats-

3 rats
2 ferrets
1 box turtle
1 cockateil
1 rabbit

and am currently taking care of my nieces hermit crabs while she is on a school trip to Africa.
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We have the 3 cats plus one Lhasa Apso puppy.

My kids would like to get guinea pigs and snakes, but I just don't have the time to clean cages right now, so no caged pets for us!
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I have 3 cats:

Bestia-female, tortie, 1 1/2 years old

Cleopatra- female, calico, 10 months old

Binx- male, gray tabby, 4 months old

3 ferrets:

Benny- male, sable, 2 years and 2 months old(approx.)

Ziggy- male, silver roan, 8 months old

Oso Cute- male, champagne point, 6 months old

2 sugar gliders:

Sugar- female, standard color, 2 years old
Spice- male, standard color, 2 years old

I'm also hoping to add a hedgehog(or 2) in the future. I'm not sure why, but I really have a facination with "exotic" animals.

I used to have a puppy a couple months ago, his name was Prince Charming and he was a pit mix. However, I found out on my first vet visit that it is illegal to own pit bulls here so I had to rehome him to a family in a nearby city(pits are legal to own there).
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Ive got a 9mth old basset hound, a one yr old yellow lab (foster dog) and 2 cats.
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I have a mild-tempered, loving three year old purebreed pembroke welsh corgi, pick of the litter, thank you very much! ~

That sounded pompus... ~

But I'm PROUD! ~
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These pictures are great. I have other animals as well, from furry to scaly (even colonies of insects for my scaly friends)
I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my own personal zoo. Every day is an adventure, keeps me busy.
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I am into freshwater planted fishtanks..
Here is my planted 15 gal high with tigerbarbs & a rosy barb..(if it looks cloudy, I'd just fertilized it)

And here is my planted 20 gal high-there are fish in there, I swear!lol It's a community tank with tetras, otos, & some ghost shrimp & snails..the fish like to hide in the back amongst the plants.
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Originally Posted by ShopCat View Post
I am into freshwater planted fishtanks..
Here is my planted 15 gal high with tigerbarbs & a rosy barb..(if it looks cloudy, I'd just fertilized it)

And here is my planted 20 gal high-there are fish in there, I swear!lol It's a community tank with tetras, otos, & some ghost shrimp & snails..the fish like to hide in the back amongst the plants.
Those are beautiful tanks!
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Thank you! It's a very addicting hobby, & the fish seem so much happier-it's neat to watch them swimming around in all of the plants with the nice soft leaves instead of the hard plastic ones. If you ever really get into planted tanks, the plastic plants will never be the same.
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Right now I only have 2 cockatiels (Kodi and Koda), but in a few weeks will be adopting 2 cats. I use to have 2 cats (Midnight and JC), but they died 2 years ago and the age of almost 20 years.

The other animals I have had in the past have been 3 rabbits, 4 iguanns, fish, frogs, hermit crabs, hamsters, etc.

There are 2 animals that I have ALWAYS wanted, but have never had: a dog and a horse!!!! Maybe someday I will get them (well at least a dog)!!!!!
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