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Orli Died!!!

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For the last two years and 11 months I have had a mega cute little rat called Orli. His cage mate Monty died last (R.I.P baby!). Orli started getting tumours on him, and a couple of days ago he started fitting every 10 minutes, (he wasn't in pain, he didn't know what was happening). About 24 hours later my mum was cuddling him, when he seemed to have a particularly bad fit.
After he finished fitting his heart started beating REALLY fast and then it just...stopped! I loved him SO much and would give the whole world to get him back! I just can't stop thinking about him...
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Awwww, I am so sorry.

May Orli rest in peace

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Aww sweetheart i am soo sorry. On Memorial day, my niece, Taylor's hamster, Blossom passed after four long happy years as well. So that afternoon, we went out and adopted a lovely new little apricot colored ratty named Lacy. She's a doll I am sooo sorry that you've lost your beloved little ratties. I understand what kind and loving pets they are!!! They're soo gentle too! It does seem like they are prone to cancer/tumors for some reason too- my best friends mom used to have several- all also passed of cancer as well. Perhaps you can contact a local rescue in your area that deals in small animals and see about giving another wonderful little ratty a wonderful new home with you. Most people do not know that rats and other small animals can wind up in need of homes just as dogs and kitties do. has numerous listings for ratties i'm not sure if this covers your area or not- but perhaps you could look for a similar sight and rescue one when you feel you're ready RIP Orli
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I'm so sorry to hear about Orli.

Take care!

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Oh no, thats so awful!
RIP Orli.
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I haven't plucked up the courage to move all his stuff out of the cage. I mean to,but I can't bear it! Seeing the empty cage is so sad and always makes me cry.
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I'm so so sorry.
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So sorry for your loss.
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Oh I am sorry to hear about your sweet Orli

RIP Little one, have fun over the Bridge and dont tease the kitties too much
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
R.I.P sweet Orli.
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Aw sweetie, I feel so sad for you! I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Hang in there!
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I'm so sorry to hear about Orli.

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I'm sorry about Orli. I hope that time can heal your loss.
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