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Vacation approaching, first time leaving Zissou alone this long.

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I am going out to the beach next Saturday until the Thursday after... and sadly Zissou can't come. She has been left alone for a max of two nights before, and I had someone keeping an eye on her.

I've a friend coming over once a day to feed her, etc. She loves cats but can't have one because of her allergies, so she is excited to play with Zissou without sleeping in her fur! (And I'm giving her 50$!)

What do I leave? Do you guys restrict pets to a certain area while you're gone, or leave them full reign? I have two rooms, mind you...

I'll leave a note with my building manager explaining everything, and my neighbor can keep an eye in general.

Is there a way to arrange paying the vet in case of emergency? Is that something I could do over the phone if it becomes necessary? I am telling my friend to not hesistate to take her to the vet/hospital if she thinks it even might be necessary.

I feel like I'm forgetting something. Pllh.

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Awwww.... Zissou.

Zissou will be fine. You on the other hand will worry about her for a good part of your vacation, trust me.

When we go away, Abby does not have access to the upstairs where the bedroom is, but has access to the rest of the house. That's because of my allergies. We leave lots of kitty-safe toys out for her, and leave treats, food, etc. lined up for the person coming over. We leave numbers for the regular vet and emergency vet, and who to contact in case there is a problem with the house, etc.

Will your friend be able to contact you while you are away? If she can, I am sure she will call you if there is a problem with Zissou, and in a true emergency you can call the vet to arrange payment. If not, does she have a credit card she can use and then you can pay her back? Or maybe another friend does?
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Do you have plenty of extra food and cat litter? I would suggest calling your vet and asking whether you can put a credit card number on file while you're out of town--I did that the last time I had a pet sitter, though since I'm such a frequent "customer" I don't think I'd have a problem running a tab with them while I'm out of town. If Zissou has any medications, make sure you have plenty of those available. Does she have any routines or rituals? Make sure the pet sitter knows about those as well (like a treat before bed, etc.).
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She will have no problem contacting me (I'll leave her my cell number, my friend's number, and hopefully the house I'm staying at's number!) and hopefully I would be able to pay over the phone or something... Should I leave a note saying she is authorized to be in charge of Zissou? I'm sort of in-between vets (an appt at the new one for three weeks from now!)

I will make sure and have a new bucket of litter, and extra food, and show her how to do the water fountain and such. No meds, so that's good, Zissou is awful to pill!

I just worry, I could hardly leave her for two nights! Will she be mad?

My friend isn't staying here, but my neighbor will be keeping an eye out as well as the building manager.

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