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Just sending love to Squeaky! How is she today?
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Batgirl, I think she's feeling the same as she has been, but the couch-peeing incident has made it scarier. I've put bags on the couch so I can sit out there with her since she's happier out there, and don't have to be so worried about her doing it again.
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I've read over the earlier posts that I said I would. I could handle giving her two cans of wet food a day, but I have a hard time getting her a non-gravy kind that she will continue to eat. She will eat it one day then not eat it again. I'm sure I could work that out though. I understand about the gravy not being best for her, and I will try some of the kinds of fancy feast listed in the link as having low carbs and no wheat gluten. Are you saying that this medi-cal is also not a good brand? It says it has added complex carbohydrates, but are complex ones bad for her too?
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Originally Posted by Unluckyblue View Post
... Are you saying that this medi-cal is also not a good brand? It says it has added complex carbohydrates, but are complex ones bad for her too?
Sharky - where ARE you????????
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Originally Posted by Unluckyblue View Post
Batgirl, I think she's feeling the same as she has been, but the couch-peeing incident has made it scarier. I've put bags on the couch so I can sit out there with her since she's happier out there, and don't have to be so worried about her doing it again.
I am also praying that your parents will be understanding about all this. I wish THEY would go to the vet with you and hear what he/she has to say.
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sharky popped in and said unluckyblue can PM her about food.

Unluckyblue, I am sorry to dispute your dad, I'm sure as most everyone does, he has deferred to what he believes to be the expert opinion, he believes what the second vet has said which is ... it's a behavioral problem. A cat can and will go potty inappropriately when it is ill. Sometimes they just can't tell, or in the case of a urinary tract infection or something of that nature... it equates the litter box with where pain comes from. When the cat gets into the litter box, and tries to potty, it hurts. Therefore, in the kitty's mind, the litterbox is causing them pain. Your dad does not understand, as most people would not if they were not cat people, or had not experienced it, that this can be a cause of not using the litter box.

Please ask your vet to explain that some infections or problems *can* cause a cat to not use the litter box. It's obvious that the cat is not a priority in your parents' lives. I admit that I don't agree with it, but some people have different priorities than others and that's what makes this world go around. I feel, however, that YOU have different priorities than your family, or obviously you wouldn't be here trying to get help for your kitty.

Is your dad saying that you guys can take her to the vet tomorrow but basically it's to euthanise? Or is he saying that you can have one last chance to visit the vet and hope that the cat gets better, but if it doesn't then this is the last chance?

It's quite obvious that you're stuck in a situation that you're basically unable to do anything about between being at your parents house and they're at their wits end... not having the money to personally afford a vet.. I feel for you and your situation. I don't know what the outcome for Squeeky will be, even if you're given the time it takes to get her back on the right track (if it can be done). I guess what I'm trying to say here is that you're trying to do the right thing and you're fighting a lot of things that are blocking you. I hope, though, that if you're being forced to euthanise her without the express recommedation of your vet, that perhaps you may consider seeing if a rescue agency can take her or maybe if your boyfriend can take her if he's got his own place, or perhaps a dog crate for her until the problem is worked through? I understand your parents' impatience, as it would be something that would try your very last nerve if you were not a cat person (and sometimes even if you are), but I hope that you can find a way to give Squeeky every chance possible, and that may be seeing if someone else can help her or work with her at the very least until her issues calm down. Even if the vet finds out what it is, and has the appropriate cure handy, and you start it tomorrow... you're probably not going to see results within hours. You'll probably see some, but it's unlikely that Squeeky is going to be cured overnight.

I know you're trying really hard, and it's got to be really difficult for you. If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know. I totally understand and sympathize with what you're up against. If you want me to start doing research to find articles or something that would support it not being behavorial I can do that... then possibly you could print them out and give them to your parents? I just don't know what else to do to help you with this. If there's anything that you think they might listen to, that I can help with, I'll happily do my best to help you with it.
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Heather, your very kind post made me cry. There are so many wonderful people here, and we are all praying for darling Squeaky.

***hugs UnluckyBlue***
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My dad believed before the vet said it that it was behavioural, because he thinks my cat has completely lost her mind since her neurological thing / stroke. You have given a lot of good advice, Heather, and so have the others in this thread. Your support was very much needed and appreciated.
I'm sorry I wasn't clear, but Squeaky will not be put down tomorrow. My dad asked if I would like to see a vet one last time because he decided today that this is the end, and he won't put up with this anymore, he is giving me one last chance (while telling me I'm not going to get anything out of a vet visit). If it weren't for everybody's help I would have given in under the pressure of my dad and accepted it as inevitable, but thanks to you guys I feel like Squeaky has somewhat of a fighting chance. I have been such a wreck today and I can't imagine how much worse I would be without the help I've gotten here.
Thank you, Heather, but I don't want you to do any research for me! Everybody here is so wonderful. Thank you guys
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Okay, I'm glad that he's going to cooperate with another vet visit. I honestly don't know if your kitty will ever be quite the same as she was before her first incident, which sounds like a stroke or a seizure to me but that's truly just a guess, but, often times animals recover *vastly* from that type of thing, and they're just slightly different. Just to give you some encouragement, my very very old dog had one. He was 12 when he had it (pretty old for a collie shepard mix), and it took him about two months to get to the point where he was walking up and down steps again, and he never did get back to the point where he was taking long walks around the lake with us anymore, but.. he recovered enough that he stayed with us for another three years. He was finally 15 years old when we had to put him to sleep. I think if he had been younger when it happened, he would have been with us for a good many more years. It wasn't until about the last six months with us that he was getting really bad.. mostly he was just his normal self with a slightly tilted, off-center head, and balance that wasn't quite as good as it used to be.

I think if you can figure out what is causing the problem, you've got a good chance with Squeeky. It may take a little while. You may want to consider seeing if a local shelter or rescue group has a kennel that you can borrow, or if you can find one on freecycle or craigslist in your area to keep her in until the issue is resolved, at least when you're not there to watch her or monitor her. I truly think that once it's figured out she'll be a good kitty and be using the litter box. I just don't want an accident during the time that she's getting over what it is that she is suffering from to upset your parents. If she's in a contained area and has those accidents, then you're more likely to be able to work past it, and hopefully your parents won't be as upset.

I'm so glad you're going to the vet tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you and Squeeky while I'm at work. Please keep us updated on her progress. We're all wishing the best for you!
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Originally Posted by Unluckyblue View Post
... I have been such a wreck today...
WELL..YOU probably feel that way...BUT everybody on this thread can sense the stress that you, your family AND also Squeaky are feeling. NOW, The REST OF US have been able to watch you cope with all this, deal rationally with our questions in public and private messages, deal with your dad, comfort Squeaky, deal with all the emotions.....

I think all of the rest of us would unquestionably say that Squeaky is extremely fortunate to have YOU!
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I'm sorry to hear about your dog But it is good to know he went on to have good times with you for so long after his stroke. That is so sad that you couldn't have your long walks around the lake any longer. I already let go of the idea of my Squeaky returning to her old self, and I'm okay with it now.
I don't know about a kennel, but it is an idea. We'll see what happens with the vet. Thank you everyone for thinking, praying and caring about Squeaky, she would let out a little squeak for each of you if she knew.
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How about like a baby playpen? You culd put a comforter or something in it, and her litter box, water, etc.

I want to know what the vet says. I am thinking once a vet figures out the problem, that Squeaky will be better and will live a long, long time.


Shenandoah and Humble send love and headbutts to Squeaky.
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Thank you for the hugs and headbutts, they were very well received
Squeaky saw the vet today with my dad and me. Don't be mad, but it was the same vet who told us it was behavioural and gave her antidepressants. He was a really nice guy and he spent a long time trying to help us last time. I knew I just needed to push that there's something physical going on, and she is having her house soiling problems because of this, and that the antidepressants won't make her feel better if she's sick. He said there is no blockage because she would be in worse shape, and it also wouldn't be a recurring issue. He suggested doing extensive bloodwork, and if that gets us nowhere then to follow it with a biopsy. He changed her food to Medi-Cal hypoallergenic/Gastro, to see if it's related to her diet. I haven't opened it and he said I can return it if I'm not happy with it. He also gave her anti-emetics to make her feel better.
When we got her home she was having trouble walking. She wobbled pretty bad and crawled under the bed. She keeps coming out, laying strangely and going back under there. I hope this has something to do with getting bloodwork, or carsickness, although she's been in the car several times and has never reacted this way.
Well, she gets to stay in my room for now (no need for a crate or playpen at this point) while we wait on the blood results and decide what can be done next.
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The bloodwork ought to tell you something about what's going on. No one is mad! How did you dad react? Is he being nice to you over it all?

Poor kitty, I think it is something physical. I pray that they find an answer.
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He hasn't been mean, actually he hasn't said anything at all today to make me feel badly about Squeaky. Even when she was wobbling and looking pretty messed up when we walked in the door, he agreed it could have been from the car, when he could easily have made an upsetting comment. So he was being nice about it. I hope you're right, the bloodwork results had better show something!
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This is a "bump" to get a mystery back into the spotlight for anyone who may not ahve been following along.

We're all waiting for the bloodwork results/Vets next "move".

Has anyone had any similar experience????????
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Well, I am praying for your dad to be extra understanding and sweet.


Kiss Squeaky for me.
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How is Squeeky doing today? Hoping she is feeling a bit better!
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I understand there was a relapse late yesterday, and Squeaky is at the Vets today........
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Squeaky has been on Reglan to stop the vomiting, so she hasn't thrown up since monday morning (when we saw the vet). She also hasn't had a bowel movement since then, but she wasn't eating. Yesterday she started to drink a lot, then she finally ate a whole lot too. Then in the evening she had a big pee in the litterbox that was oddly coloured, it looked like it could be bloody. After that, she kept going back to the litterbox and straining for several minutes at a time, and she cried out a couple of times. She kept going back and leaving tiny little droplets.
So this morning I called the vet's office, and they told me they had the bloodwork results. He said she has elevated Bilirubin, which is a sign of liver disease, but that they could be elevated from the vomiting. He said to come in for the possible UTI, so we went in and ended up seeing the same vet we saw the first time, not the one who said it was behavioural. He had no ideas for us either for her house-soiling and recurring sickness. He sent us home with some plastic litter and syringe to get a urine sample.
If this is a problem with crystals, that could possibly be causing all the trouble. But if it's a normal UTI, I don't know what to do because the bloodwork is normal (he said, but I did bring home a copy), and both of the vets said an x-ray would be a waste of money because it's not going to find anything. I don't know what to do next
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Because of her cough and her slightly elevated bilirubin, I have a question. How bad are heartworms there for dogs? Are all dogs usually kept on heartworm preventative during mosquito season? If so, and you have had mosquitos in the house, or this kitty spend time outside anytime in the last three years, a heartworm test might be in order.

My Zoe had very similar symptoms and turns out she was heartworm positive. It was on a fluke that we found it. After getting a positive test, the vet looked up heartworm in cats from one her books. Sure enough, cough and mildly elevated bilirubin are among the signs and symptoms.

Zoe also has chronic cystitis, which is not associated with the heartworm. Squeaky may have more than one thing going on. Also, liver problems can cause nausea and vomitting.
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Oh dear, is Zoe doing okay now?
It does sound like there are multiple things going on with Squeaky. I looked around a teeny bit and I couldn't find anything linking elevated bilirubin with heartworms. That is interesting to know though, because I've always worried it was heartworms (We adopted her 2 years and 5 months ago, she was a lost kitty so she would have been exposed), but figured it was most likely asthma.
I'm still waiting on that urine sample, and she has had quite a bit to drink...
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Yes, Zoe is ok now. She survived the die off, and is now a happy 12 year old. She was diagnosed in 1999.

The slightly elevated bilirubin was perplexing to us. We had bile acid tests run, all sorts of things. We kept thinking some sort of liver or gallbladder disease. The vet had this giant book, I think it was call "the five minute veterinary consult". It was designed to give vets a quick reference for odd cases. I think it is all on a CD-rom now.

Anyway it was this book that talked about the slightly elevated bilirubin. Looking at it in hind sight it was so obvious. She had all the symptoms, but back then it was just being discovered that cats could and did get heartworm. Plus, I had just moved to New Mexico from Minnesota. Heartworm is very rare here so it is not something the vets think of right away, especially not in cats.

Sending lots of "hurry up and pee-pee " thoughts to Squeaky. I really hope you can get something figured out so she is feeling better. You are a good Meowmy for not giving up, and I have to say your parents are being really very tolerant considering her problems and the fact the one vet said it is behavioral.

Not to get too off topic, but I think sometimes vets who don't really "get" cats say this because they don't know what is going on. Sort of like when a doctor says, "its just a virus, but come back if your not better in a week".
If you haven't already done so, search feline chronic cystitis. This often has the same inappropriate urination symptoms as a UTI, however the urine doesn't have crystals or bacteria in it. It is caused by bladder inflammation and spasms. This is one disease they learned about in people, then discovered that cats got it as well.

Sorry to blabber on! Lots of hugs for you and sweet Squeaky.
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Still sending hugs and feel better wishes for you and Squeeky. I'm sorry to hear about the relapse and hope you can get the urine sample soon. I hate to wish any bad feelings on a kitty, but it's good that this is happening while you're able to interact with a vet. It's much easier for them to diagnose when they have actual symptoms and can get samples and so forth while it's going on. So, hopefully it will all work out and you'll figure out what's going on with her soon! Best of luck.
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Sending more hugs!
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Thank you for that information, Kittymonsters (I love your name), I will mention heartworm to the vet, and is feline chronic cystitis something that will be found on her urinalysis? How did they diagnose it? I'm very happy for Zoe, the two of you must have had a hard time. But she sounds like a little trooper
I think the vet said it is behavioural because it turns out he is the same vet who dealt with her neurological problem in august. I actually didn't know this because I wasn't home when it happened so didn't get to accompany her to the vet back then. I wish I could have been there, but I'm told he warned my parents that anything could go wrong.
I think you're right, Catsarebetter, cats ARE better... but I agree that if all of this HAD to happen, then it's a good time for it. I even saved the cost of the visit yesterday because I had already been in two days prior, and the vet is understanding of our financial position.
Squeaky STILL hasn't peed, and I've even given her full access to the couch (which I covered with garbage bags). She hasn't tried to, so I don't think it's because she's blocked. She has had quite a bit to drink since seeing the vet yesterday morning. If she hasn't gone by maybe 10am tomorrow I might have to bring her back in so they can help her with that.
And thank you for all the hugs, I'm passing them on to Squeaky for you
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Aww, poor little girl. Sending "go potty" vibes to Squeeky!
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Shenandoah, Humble, and I send pee vibes to Squeaky!

(They are at the vet's getting their teeth cleaned and their yearly shots and bloodwork done. I just got a call saying they are fine afetr the dental work and are resting.)
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Thank you for the good vibes!
Are Shenandoah and Humble home now? I've been totally wrapped up in Squeaky, I didn't even think to wish you all well! I'm sorry! It sounds like it all went well, so I'm happy, and now you don't have to worry about the shots (and maybe dental work?) for a whole year!
Squeaky still hasn't peed, but we can't get a ride to the vet until tomorrow. I squished around her abdomen and it doesn't seem to cause her discomfort, at least...
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Originally Posted by Unluckyblue View Post
Thank you for the good vibes!
Are Shenandoah and Humble home now? I've been totally wrapped up in Squeaky, I didn't even think to wish you all well! I'm sorry! It sounds like it all went well, so I'm happy, and now you don't have to worry about the shots (and maybe dental work?) for a whole year!
Squeaky still hasn't peed, but we can't get a ride to the vet until tomorrow. I squished around her abdomen and it doesn't seem to cause her discomfort, at least...
They are both home! Both babies are sleepy and woozy and a little unsteady on their feet, but they will be okay. They have a little antibiotic to take, and it cost $600 to get everything done.

Thanks for asking.

***hugs*** to Squeaky.
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