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Zoe's First Pics!

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Finally, pictures of my Zoe baby! These are pictures from lastnight when she was in bed with me, and when she was outside this morning playing with her brother and sister. The calico is Kaleia/Kalli and the grey is Fuzz Bucket (don't ask) aka Chubs. And the ones of me in bed... yeah. No fair! I had a headache and was almost asleep so I kind of look like a zombie.

This is her favorite place to curl up and sleep; in the crease of my neck and shoulder!




Please! I beg of you! NO MORE PICTURES!


Kaleia and Zoe play-fighting:



One of my favorites!


On my pillow! She got all cranky when I moved her so I could lay down...



And here she is, looking all cute and adorable...



EDIT: They were REALLY big so I put the links instead of the direct pictures. Sorry about that!
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oh my what a little treasure she is give her some tummy rubs from us

are those other kitties her brothers and sisters then ?

p.s your photos are a bit large, best if they are 640x480 - heres a link about posting photos
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Oh my she is just adorable!!! All of them were!!
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Thank-you mooficat & snowsrap5! She really is a little treasure. I know the pictures were extremely large, I am sorry. But I put them into links instead; they load better for slow computers (like mine! ) anyway. And yes, that is her brother and her sister. She had another sister, a black one, but we gave her away to somebody. (We gave away 4, since we have waaayyy too many! We're getting this year's crop of the tame cats' kittens spayed and neutered.) The boy we gave her to (he's 10) named her Cocoa. He also got a black & white one (Casie). Her sisters are Rose (black) and Chrissie (black & white). And then we gave him a grey and white one (Snowball) and his brother is Sherbert (orange and white) and Lucy (calico). Thank-you for commenting on my baby!
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Wow, cuteness overload
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Ohhh I think I just got my cute kitten overdose for the day.. woohoo!
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What a cutie pie, and that fav pics of ur is def one of mine But the last picture What a cutie, so precious

Great pics
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What a cutie
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Aww What a bunch of cuties... Do you have a favorite
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