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Lump of poop and litter in coat

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Ok. This will probably seem like a stupid question.

Maisie has a lump of poop with litter stuck in it on her back leg about half way down. I noticed it this morning and its very hard and too close to the skin to just cut away.
She is very squirmy and not keen on me looking. I was thinking if I could get her with her leg in water to soak it off that may work but I can`t see that being too easy.

Any ideas how I can remove it without traumatising her?
It`s about 3 1/2cm long.
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Guess thats a 'no' then?
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try petting and soothing her and giving her treats. maybe you can use baby wipes or something to pull it off or work it loose so you can remove it without hurting her.

I'm sorry you're faced with this yucky problem.
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I'm sorry no one helped you earlier. I'm hoping someone else will come along that's gone through this before.... I guess the only thing I could suggest is what you've already thought of. Have you given the cat a bath yet? I would get it wet and try to cut it out. Just remember to remain calm so you don't freak the cat out! Good luck!
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Get a rag wet with warm water and pet her while you try to moisten the lump. It sounds icky but just sort of massage it with the rag. It should come off with a little effort.

Good luck! My boy Alexi has a TON of fur around his butt and on the backs of his legs, so he has this problem from time to time
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Thanks guys!

I will have a go after work tonight. Need someone to hold her still really BUT she is going to the vets thursday. If I can`t get it off I`ll ask them if they can get it off.

It seems more bits are getting stuck to it. Maisie has a habit of pooping on herself and standing in it when she`s trying to bury it

She`s not had a bath and I`ve never bathed a cat before. If she poops on her fluffy britches I wipe up as much as I can but I think it would be a tad too stressful to start bathing her at her age. She`s not as well as I`d like so I don`t want to stress her too much.

Thanks again!
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Sorry I didn't see this earlier, I have a lot of practice removing dingleberries from Stan. Usually I very carefully trim them off. I'm lucky enough that he's gotten used to me trimming his britches and it only requires a full bowl to distract him enough to do it. Generally I keep him trimmed back there pretty close to make sure as much as possible goes in the box. I have very sharp pair of hair cutting scissors and I cut for utility, not fashion. so he sometimes looks a little choppy back there.

If it's too close to his orifice, or too close to the skin to trim, I use either a kitty wipe or warm washcloth to soften it, or worst case scenario, I attack it with a glob of vaseline and try to massage it out . The whole time I tell him "oh come on, I'm no worse than momma cat was". We got a lot of practice doing this when he was on antibiotics the first month or so I had him.

It does help to have another person to hold or distract them. Stan likes shiny stuff and will do just about anything I want for food or the chance to play with a spoon
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If you think it is too close to clip out then I'd ask your vet to help you with it. There really isn't an easy way for something like that. Once you get it out, I'd have a groomer do a "Sanitary Trim" on her regularly.

If you plan on bathing her yourself eventually (on a regular basis), the sooner you start the better (so she can get used to it). There are things you can do to minimize stress such as put a rubber mat in the bottom of the sink/tub, run the water before bringing the cat to the bath, talking softly and reassuring the kitty and cuddling her wrapped in a warm towel for a while after the bath.
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Thanks for your advice!

I had a go with a wet cloth today, needless to say she wasn`t pleased and was struggeling and hissing and trying to bite. I think I`m going to wait for the vet thursday as it doesn`t seem to be restricting her though it can`t be very nice for her, poor love.

Will ask them about trimming her 'pants' as I only know of people getting that done at the vets here.
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