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Cheering at a graduation UNDIGNIFIED??

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I am sorry but the officials are the one s needing to do community service///
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They were trying to be fair to everyone. I guess the previous years have gotten so out of hand that a lot of parents weren't able to hear their own children's names. We don't seem to respect others any more.
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Although I can understand why they enacted the rule, but why denie students their diploma for something they can not control. This might be the only graduation for some of these kids!
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I have seen several reports this year about this. Most involved having the family/friends removed from the venue.

I disagree with having the student do community service. The people who caused this should be the ones doing it.
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Well, if people were not so rude, it wouldn't be necessary. I graduated with 600 people, and they read our names fast- no time to stop and cheer in between. So when some idiot decided to blast off an air horn for someone, nobody could hear their name-- effectively ruining it for that person and their family.

That said, nobody should be not getting their diploma over it, but the same thing was threatened at mine if we threw our hats in the air. Maybe the school thought if they threatened to do so nobody would be stupid enough to do it anyway... Still, she earned her diploma! They should figure something else out, maybe if they went to manners school or something
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Hmmmm...Tough call - I can understand that they want everyones names to be heard, but on the other hand, isn't it exciting that people wanted to cheer people being educated??
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IMO why can't people just wait till all graduates have walked the stage before cheering and clapping.

In our sons' graduation, it was annouced at the beginning to hold all clapping and cheering till the end. Everyone was polite and did so.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
They were trying to be fair to everyone. I guess the previous years have gotten so out of hand that a lot of parents weren't able to hear their own children's names. We don't seem to respect others any more.
Boy I'll say!

At the end of my 1st year of nursing school we had to attend the graduation ceremonies for the class ahead of us. Part of the ceremony was to present awards for the first year class (mine). The graduating class was on the stage and the first year students were in the front few rows on the floor.

One girl in my class decided that she wanted to have a video tape of the whole ceremony so her father said he would make one. They got permission from the school, but I doubt very much that they disclosed the extent that they were going to go to to make this video.

The father brought in several huge flood lights on tripods and set them up around the room and around the stage both facing the stage and facing the audience). I don't know how many lights there were, but there were 3 or more lights per tripod.

I swear that those lights must have been 10,000 watt lights. They were bright and they were super hot, and they were blinding to the point those of us in the audience couldn't even see the graduates on the stage. And they were shining in our eyes and giving us a headache.

Several of us complained to the girl but she didn't care. She said they had permission. I heard people behind us grumbling and complaining because they couldn't see the stage where their son/daughter were.

It was ruining things for everyone!!

There were many complaints. It must have been at least an hour before the administration stepped in and told the father to take down the lights. And that if he wanted to video tape he would have to do it without all of the lights.

I was never so disgusted about anything in my life. Talk about inconsiderate. It wasn't even the girl's graduation, and she wasn't even getting an award. She was just a first year student attending the graduation ceremony of the class before us. So it wasn't any special evening for her, and she only wanted the video because she felt it was part of her "nursing school experience".

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this took place not far from where i live. i don't think it was fair to punish the graduates for something they had no control of. a high school diploma is a prety important piece of paper to withhold from someone.
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I guess maybe it's because I come from a small town, but that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. They can't keep their dipolmas over something like that!

This school would have really hated me, not my family (who did it), because when I walked acrossed the stage my family rang COW BELLS!!! I never knew they were going to do it, and my face turned bright red, why should I have gotten my diploma taken away for it?!?!
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