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update on Maddie...............

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My computer crashed, so I couldn't post and let you all know what the news is.
My adopted Daughters Mom called on Thursday night to tell me to get the paper.............there was an ad for a LOST Basset in it.I was heartbroken.Something told me this was their little girl.
But, I called and told them to meet me at my Vets office since I had an appt for her to be checked over.I told them to bring any pics they had of her, any paper work and to meet me.If she turned out to be theirs, I would hand her over.
She was chipped, so after scanning her, it was determined with the info they, AKC papers, and etc. that she was thier dog.
It turns out that she got loose about 2 weeks ago and they have been looking for her since then.She has a LOVING family with 2 kids, so that explains her love for my kids so soon.
I went straight to the girls house that gave her to us and confronted her about it.Turns out, that the one she got her from FOUND Maddie--who is actually Sophie--- out walking beside the road.
The kids are devistated and so are we.Sophie's Mom and Dad were so happy to get her back.There was a reward offered for her, but we declined it.I wouldn't want anyone taking my dog .So, we gave her good bye hugs.........and walked away. I tell ya though, that was one of the hardest things I had to do.
So, my sage with a Basset is over FOR NOW!! Shawn tld me and the kids, we will have one of our own to keep one of these days.
oh BTW, Sophie was actually a 2 year old girl also.
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That's great she got to go back to her good home, Sis. You will find a pup soon I hope.
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Tammy, I know it is hard but you also helped this family. In the end, you will be rewarded when it is time.
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Major bummer for you, but awesome that you helped re-unite her with her family. Sorry to hear this...and yet, I'm happy. You know what I mean!

Where are you located, Crittermom? Maybe I could help you do a search for a pup or rescue basset...they're all over the place.
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I'm in West Virginia........on the borders of Ohio and Kentucky.
I was going to scan the ad to show you all, but since my puter crashed and I have to re-install EVERYTHING, that would take to long.
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In Kentucky:

In Ohio:

These are a couple of basset-specific rescues, and currently they have a lot of wonderful dogs available.

I don't know how out-of-the-way these places are for you, but it's worth checking out.
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And here is the breeder's directory from the Basset Hound Club of America, for West could start calling or e-mailing some of these folks for some more info.
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And here's some random bassets from Petfinder.

On the second or third page, there are some fairly hound bassets...try to find "Sonny". I believe he's in Ohio. He's GORGEOUS, and fairly young. Enjoy!
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WOO HOO!!! Thank you.
Sophie was the PERFECT pup too.That's what made it so hard to give her to them.She was 100% housebroken,didn't chew,didn't destroy things,didn't yap/bark, played with the kids easy.I miss her sooooooooooooooooooo much and wish she was here with us still.
She had a cute little girl at home waiting for her.She was even in the wedding reception of her Mom and Dad.
She was obviously very loved and very missed.I know in my heart we did the right thing,but it doesn't make missing her any less.
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Awwww Tammy What a bittersweet ending for you.

Its good for her to go back to her loving home..and at least you had the pleasure of meeting her
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Yes, I agree.She showed us what Basset love is all about. Now, we are definatly hooked and can't wait to add one of our very own to the family.
My heart knows I did the right thing,but the pain is still there.
I'm just thankful that she is back at home, with her little girl that missed her dearly.
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Aww Tammy i am soo sorry hon! but you did the right thing!

Hehe just want to add- if you come to my neck of the woods anytime soon we have 3 GORGEOUS purebreed basset hounds at our shelter at the moment Tell Shawn you need to come here so you can get a new doggie (also look in your local shelters as well- you'd be suprised how many bassets wind up in there!)
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We are looking around for a spayed female to add to our family.I know when the *right* one comes along, then we'll know.
(She is out there somewhere)
Nikki, I'd love to adopt one from the shelter there.If we lived closer than we would.
I keep looking for one here, but they are either not for kids or too far away.Plus, some of their fees are outrageous.
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Is this little girl somewhat near you? She's a doll. Her name is Lucy. Young spayed female!

How about either of these two girls? They're former puppy mill puppies from Missouri, and are now around 2 years old. Both have been in rescue for their entire life. I for the life of me cannot understand how they haven't found a home by now.

I realize these ladies may all be out of your way...I just want you to know that after searching there are A LOT of houndies out there in needs of homes in your general vicinity, if you're willing to do a bit of traveling.
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Awwww I know you must be heartbroken but you did the right thing. That poor family must have been missing her horribly. Hopefully they will take extra measures to keep her safe this time.

I am sure another angel will come across for you soon
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I'm so sorry, Tammy. I'm glad her family found her.
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Originally Posted by wookie130 View Post
Is this little girl somewhat near you? She's a doll. Her name is Lucy. Young spayed female!

How about either of these two girls? They're former puppy mill puppies from Missouri, and are now around 2 years old. Both have been in rescue for their entire life. I for the life of me cannot understand how they haven't found a home by now.

I realize these ladies may all be out of your way...I just want you to know that after searching there are A LOT of houndies out there in needs of homes in your general vicinity, if you're willing to do a bit of traveling.
I'm checking those sites now.I didn't even think to come back here and check this thread.SORRY!
And thank you for helping me in my search
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The second one won't work because
They are snugglers and have to go together.
I can't take on 2 right now.
I'm going to e-mail the first ones about Lucy though I don't know how close they are to us
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Sorry about posting the pair...I didn't realize they had to go together. I should have read their ad more closely.

Lucy is a doll...hopefully you check into her, and she's somewhat close. My theory, is that a good houndette will be worth a bit of extra driving, if your situation allows it.

Let's see what else we can find here...

Here's Jezz...she's about 3 years old, and certainly looks UNDERFED. She should be much larger at her age. Looks to have a lot of white on her, although she's technically a mahogany and white basset.

Here's a "no name" female...they're calling her a mix, but she certainly looks ALL basset to me. If she really is a mix, and I question this, she's probably a bagel (basset/beagle mix)...but she sure as heck looks purebred to me. She's only a year-old, and she's quite lovely.

Here's Daisy. She's super beautiful, and has a sad story. She's only a year-old, and has already whelped 2 litters!!! She's a pretty tri-color, similiar to Rita. Poor young lady...she definitely needs someone to love her.

Hope this helps...
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I don't know specifically where you are in West Virginia, but you mentioned you were on the border of Kentucky and I assume you're close to Huntington, WV?

If so, Lucy is only about 2.5 hours from you, in Berea, KY.

Daisy is roughly the same distance, except she's in Ohio.

Jezz is slightly closer in Kentucky, at slightly over 2 hours away.

The "no name" girl is in Zanesville, OH, which is also about 2.5 hours away.

So, in actuality, these lovely ladies are all relatively close!!!

Personally, I adore Lucy and Daisy...they are DARLING!!! I sure hope you can check into one of them. They would love to have you as their new basset slave!
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Thank you for all the help!!! I am looking at all the links that you've shown me and talking with DH about them.I'll let you know if we get one of them.
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Yes, please do!!! I'll keep my eyes peeled, and I'll be sure to post any new ads as I find them! I'll be anxious to see if you've found the basset of your dreams!

Unfortunately, basset hounds are a breed that end up in shelters a lot...that's simply because people don't know what they're getting into before bringing those sad eyes into their homes. Knowing what to expect before getting a basset ensures that it's the right breed for someone, and there are lots of great online resources. I do recommend joining if you're serious about becoming a "basset slave"'s a fabulous resource, and the people on it are WONDERFUL!!! Bassets are really a breed that stands apart, in behavior, appearance, etc. They train quite differently than other dogs...and by differently, I mean NOT EASILY.

The top reasons why these houndies end up in shelters and rescues is:

*The amount of drool. Not all drool, but many drool A LOT. It is many a basset that can sling a string of drool 6 feet up your walls and cupboards, just from shaking his head. A lot of people really find this, I find it rather charming!!!

*The distinctive "hound odor." Some bassets have the classic hound smell, which can range from non-existant, to mild, to OMG!!! A lot of this is their ears...they need to be cleaned a minimum of once weekly to prevent infection. Ear infections are common in this breed, and I think you can understand why.

*BEHAVIOR. Ever owned a dog that can open your fridge, drag out the contents, and have a feast? Or how about a dog that can "counter cruise" for Thanksgiving leftovers? Or a dog that can artistically tip the garbage can over, for a tasty morsel? Bassets are largely food-driven dogs...and a fat basset is a basset prone to spine and leg problems. They must be kept trim and fit. And a basset who doesn't want to walk (and they MUST be kept leashed at all times, or else they'll follow a scent to the end of the world), becomes what is called a "flat basset." They'll simply lay down on the sidewalk ANYWHERE, and take a snooze. Try arousing a 65 lb. dog from a deep sleep, to keep them moving!!! Bassets also take much longer to housetrain...not because they're not smart, but because they are a bit more concerned with satisfying themselves. And a lonely basset will HOWL. And HOWL. And HOWL. They fart, they snort, they often confuse themselves for "lap dogs." Oh, and they can't jump off of furniture, out of a car, or climb lots of stairs...unless you're asking for herniated disks, spinal problems, or leg be prepared to do a lot of lifting.

*Bassets aren't small, as you already know. In fact, they can be quite huge. Females are a tad smaller than the males...usually between 45-55 lbs, and the males can range from 55-75 lbs., if not more sometimes.
That cute little basset puppy (aka, will grow to almost it's full adult size by nearly 5-6 months.

Anyway, hope that me, basset hounds are FABULOUS family dogs, and most do exceptionally well with cats. They generally love children, and offer some of the most unique entertainment and comedy you will ever know!
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LOL!!! I found about the drool when Maddie was here.It was quite fun to watch her sling it and the kids try to duck being hit with it.LOL!!!
But, she showed us what Basset love is all about.I am sure that somewhere out there that *special* Angel is waiting for us.It's just up to us to find her or her us.
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we call Athenas drool her jowel juice. LOL and i am constanly checking for it..and boy oh boy dont let anyone tell you bassets arent fast..Athena does the Bassett 500..Alot
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