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fluffy & cinnamon

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For the last week & a half, I have really been proud of Cinnamon & Fluffy. As most know, they are our two long-haired cats who stay in our bedroom. I've really been making it a habit to leave the bedroom door for them to come in and out of there as they please. Well, Cinnamon now lays on the chair on the blankets! She just lays there & sprawls out. If she doesnt do that, she roams the house, and when she wants to, she goes back in the bedroom. Fluffy is getting a lot better. She no longer has the twitches when she comes out! She comes out in maybe 5 minute intervals at a time, then goes back in. Scooter is the culprit, but we tell him NO & sometimes he will listen. Every now & then he will aggrivate Cinnamon, but Cinnamon is a toughie. I hope one day Fluffy will be her old self again & be able to roam freely w/o the boys aggrivating her. But for now, it is a big improvement. Tigger has also gotten better! She lays on our bed, or at the edge under the bed. She doesnt lay whereyou cant get to her anymore. Yes, she is still afraid of Cinnamon, but now she walks in front of her. There are the occasions where Cinnamon will make a sneak attack on here and chase her, but it's gotten a lot better!
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Good for you and the kitties! Here's to continued progress...
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congrats! I'm so glad your babies are finally getting along together.
here's one for your babies
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Oh they really sound like sweethearts, Tigger!!! I really want to see pictures of them!! I'm glad they are getting along better!
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