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Oh my GOSH....

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Its raining here. I can't believe it. Hopefully it rains for the next 24 hrs. We are so dry here and we need to get these fires out.
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ohno? fires? where are you?

we need rain here as well... not because of fires but because of droughts and our water storage's are at an all time low
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We are in southeast Ga. We are on the other side of Brantley on this map:


(shows how much the fire has burned)
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It looks like we are in for some rain here as well in Ontario. Hope so, it has been ridiculously hot here for the last few days and the humidex rating is off the scale. Everything has a distinctly grey tinge to it and as of this morning the fire rating is extreme.
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Saw the news where Tropical Storm Barry was sending rain through Florida and Georgia. Hope it helps you out!
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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
We are in southeast Ga
no offense to those from America, but please remember that not all of us live in the states and not all of us know your abbreviations for your states.

GA is for Georgia for anyone else not from the USA

thinking of you all at this time. We had a large fire burning in Jan here - went on for months. bad times
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We finally got some rain to here in Wilmington,North Carolina. We don't have any fires here (that I know of), but we definatly needed the rain. Thank you Barry!
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Some of those rains will be strong ones
I know for the last few weeks of and on we've had some of the smoke from the fires up there. I'm hoping it puts them out
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