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Anybody Here Use Vonage?

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My Verizon bill is getting outrageous 20.00 in hidden fees! Want to try Vonage, but would like to get their users opinion first. So all you Vonage users are you happy with them? If so why? If not, why not?
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love, happy, would never go back
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I have vonage and it rocks. But... a few things I've found with it...

1. Make sure you have a *really* good cable connection. I was getting my calls dropped a lot and it turns out my cable company had to come in and install another cable line complete with amplifier for it to work correctly.

2. Make sure your voip router is a good distance from any other electronic components, otherwise you can get interference and your call quality will be bad.

Other than that, excellent!
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I too love Vonage! I have probably had it for close to two years and it has only once gone out (I was away and only knew this because they gave me a rebate on my bill that I called to check on)

Quite the opposite to MuttigreeMom, I have my router sitting on top of my computer tower and never have a problem, but I guess that is the luck of the draw, we have a lot of dropped calls with our regular landline (which costs me more without calls than my Vonage line does including calls to the UK)

I do however have a good cable connection.

My price has not gone up once since I got it, I have a UK phone number so my family can call me for free, paying $40 CDN a month (+ $8 for the UK #) I can call my family and friends in Europe for free.

We have already decided when we move that we will not be keeping the landline (we have to keep it installed and active for our intercom to work here) and will just be using Vonage

They will ask if you have a cell etc as an emergency in case the power goes out and you have to make sure you fill in their 911 emergency card / webpage.

The only bad thing I can say is if your power goes out (or there is a problem with your cable) you are without a phone.
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
Quite the opposite to MuttigreeMom, I have my router sitting on top of my computer tower and never have a problem, but I guess that is the luck of the draw
Oops! I meant to say any other wireless electronic components.

Sorry for the confusion. I'll go make more coffee now
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You don't want to know how many of them I have on my desk with the computer either

As I said though, luck of the draw, and they are easily moved.

My landline however has no excuse
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Sheesh I need your cable signal then! I had to rearrange my office just to get the router far enough away.

Can I hook my router up at your house?
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We have a decent cable connection at home, we have a whole list of problems at work, but my ISP doesn't service that area So we had to rearrange that office etc just to get the internet to work, not to mention phones etc
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To add my 2 cents... maybe they've worked out the kinks... but when they first came on the scene, I tried them... it never happened. I got the equipment, hooked everything up the way it was supposed to be done... but it never worked properly. Now, like I said, maybe because of former customers like me, they've worked everything out. The numerous times I called their support lines, the guys had no clue how to help me...

Vonage isn't perfect... but I've considered giving them a try again... but then again, I'm thinking of a different route.

I just use my cell phone... no, it isn't cheap... but when the power goes out, I can still talk on it.
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I've heard some bad things about them. They were just in trouble....weren't allowing customers to cancel accounts & kept charging them. I thought they were not allowed to take on any new customers of something?? I dunno....I just know of someone who messed around for 6 months with them & crummy service before they finally allowed her to cancel her coverage!
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