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My Miracle Kippy!! :d

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Ok, so last weekend was quite a scare. I came down the stairs in the morning to find 4 pools of sick and diarrhoea all over the floor and Kipper [who is 19 now] was just standing there with a 'feeling sorry for herself' face on it was horrid. So I rushed her to the vets immediately without having breakfast or anything and they said it is either a nasty infection, kidney failure or a tumour :| It shocked me completely and they took her in and put her on a drip and they said 'I doubt she will pull through'. It broke my heart and I couldn't say goodbye at the vets. Once I got home I was in tears for the whole nigh and didn't sleep. BUT THE NEXT DAY they rung up and said she looked brighter and we should pick her up at 6 in the afternoon! OH MY GOD the best news ever!! I can't believe she pulled through =]
My little miracle baby.
Have you had any similar experiences?
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Not for me, but my mother..

Her dog Jessie ( a golden retreiver mix) began to be less and less active, though everyone figured well, she is 7 years old, which is quite a decent age for a dog her size, but Mom, thankfully, took her into the vet anyway.

Turns out 2 years ago when she was bitten by a tick, she got a disease, it isn't Lime's, ..and I can't think of the name of it offhand. Anyway, the vet said she had no more than 10 days to live, but gave my Mom medication for her anyway.

Mom administered the medication to Jessie and switched to wet food so she would eat, since she hadn't been eating much. 10 days later, Jessie was still alive, so back to the vet they went for another checkup.

The vet was totally amazed and continued medication. Jessie goes to the vet again on Monday to check her blood cell counts to see if the medication is working like it should... she's pulled through so far and is now running and jumping again! I believe it has been just over a month since she was diagnosed

What a little fighter she is!
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Wow thats amazing news! What a fighter
I'm so glad she pulled through xx
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Wow, I am so glad she is okay..I hope she stays that way

Trout had an experience like that last March. One day she started vomitting white foam, and she wasn't eating. I think it was because she ate some flowers I had..either that or orange ladybugs..She ate like 5 of them one day..

Anyway, she was in rough shape at the vet. She still wouldn't eat, and she became dehydrated. They put her on IV for the weekend..Then, all of a sudden, she was back to normal, and got to come home. The first thing she did at home was run to her food bowl

Noone knows what it was. I figured that her tummy got upset by eating the flowers, so she felt sick and wouldn't eat..and then it just spiraled down from there. I really don't know what happened though..the vet didn't either, and he did all the standard tests on her.

I thank god she made it through..the vet said if she didn't start eating or didn't improve we would have to make the decision

So Trout is my miracle baby too
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