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cat peeing problem

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we have 2 cats both rescued at the same time, but they are not from the same litter although they are the same age approx and they have been with us since last october. They are both nutered. One of them had been previousy housed for a short time but did not like a child so was sent back to the rescue centre.
Recently scaredy cat (who was the most timid hence the name!)has become much more brave and appears to be more dominant over the other cat has on 3 occaions urinated on the bed and on tiddles (the other cats) blanket. She is not doing this secretly but in front of me and even tried to do it next to me when i was in bed. yuk!
they have a covered in litter tray that is always clean etc.
Has anyone any suggestions please!?!
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Make SURE she doesn't have a urinary or bladder problem. Have her checked by your vet. often cts that do this in frot of you are doing it to try and tell you something.
Secondly, she could be having issues with identity and marking territory. (I am assuming she is not declawed?)

You are going to have to keep the doors closed to the bedrooms with this cat and keep her confined till you get to the bottom of the problem. Try, also to have an uncovered litterbox next to the covered one, often cats like one litterbox to urinate in, another to deficate in. It works well here...

Good Luck to you, I am sure there will be othe suggestions here for you
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This happened with Sammy.
He would poo all over the house, and pee in the sinks. It turns out since he is older, he did this, and he did NOT like where the litterbox was located. tell me, where is their litter box located?
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