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here I am posting a question again. Sorry.
My problem is that I've seen Tonky choking on his food a couple of times. It doesn't happen often but it happened today.
How can I help him? I tried hitting gently on his neck.
Do you have to act like with a human.
I'd appreciate any advice.
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The Red Cross offers courses in first aid for pets--I haven't taken one, but you might find one beneficial (or maybe someone has taken them and can offer insight). Obviously, if she stops breathing or isn't able to dislodge the food herself, rush her to a vet.

In the meantime, I assume she is eating too fast if she is choking on her food? You might try spreading the food out or putting a golf or tennis ball in the middle of the dish to slow her down. That way, you might prevent the problem in the first place.
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Willie would do the same thing because he ate too fast. So i stopped using a bowl and spread the food out on his cat tree. That worked except that left crumbs all over the tree, so now I put it on a bench press, Willie on one side and Neko on the other. So I'd say use a plate so you can spread the food making him take smaller mouth fulls at a slower pace.
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Try raising the food dish up off the floor - they won't eat as fast.
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that is his problem! He eats too fast. He's the kind that has his own bowl and still wants to eat out of Mixy's bowl.
I have to stay there until they finish so that he won't eat his AND Mixy's.
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It doesn't happen often, but I've had a couple of my cats choke on food and I've had to stick my finger in the back of their throats to pop the food out. So far, that has worked but I realize it's probably not the best option. Sometimes ya' gotta' what ya' gotta' do though.
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My kitten, Omar, is exactly the same! He eats like somebody is going to take the bowl away from him at any minute. And because he is getting over the snuffles and still has a bit of a blocked nose, he ends his meal gasping for air because he hasn't paused to take a breath while scoffing!

I will try flattening his food a bit, he gives me a heart attack every time I hear him panting away at his bowl.
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It is scary watching him choke and not know exactly what to do. He hasn't last couple of days.
Mixy got scared as well.
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