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Washing machines

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I am looking to buy a new washing machine and I was wondering what name brand you would suggest because of course I am looking for a good quality machine that will last. I am hoping for a cheap one (in value not quality! ).
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I just got LG Tromm candy apple red, washer and dryer that was rated as the best with Consumer Reports. You may want to look at what Consumer Reports has rated and then decide from there.
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Things might of changed, but Sears used to back up thier machines for life.
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I would suggest an LG front loader
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Originally Posted by Dragoro View Post
Things might of changed, but Sears used to back up thier machines for life.
Where I live, I will never buy another appliance from sears! You were correct when you said USED to, but no longer. We bought a refridgerator from them and when the fridge started freezing and the freezer started melting we called them to come and fix it since it was still under warranty. Well, all they did (we called them at least 5-10 times to have it fixed) all they did was stick their stupid thermometer in there to measure the temp. HELLO.....can't you see that the eggs are freezing? We lost hundreds of dollars of meat because it went bad. They never fixed it (they were too stupid to figure it out) and kept stretching it out until our warranty ran out. I even told one of the techs that I was tired of them not knowing what they are doing and to just get out since they were too stupid to figure it out and that their service was the worst I had ever seen.
We ended up having to buy a new fridge and we no longer buy any appliances from sears because they do NOT honor their warranties.
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Siemens is well worth the money you'd spend on it, but costs a small fortune. Whirlpool makes a pretty good machine for how cheap they are.

If you have a Bray & Scarff (sp?) near you, consider buying a machine there as you can also purchase an extended warranty which is nice to have in handy. I recently purchased a Bosch dishwasher from them, and they were a pleasure to deal with.

My grandmother has had to call in her warranty once with them for her dishwasher, and they were at her house within 24 hours of her call. Her machine was taken care of professionally. She has a Whirlpool washing machine that she's had for over 10 years I think. It does a great job and she's never had a problem with it. She does a lot of laundry too!
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I agree about Sears -- they seem to think they can cruise on their name, without really taking care of the customer at all. You'd think they would have learned from Montogmery Ward's mistakes.

Consumer Reports is a great idea! And it should provide information on who actually manufactures what brand names, too... we were looking at washers recently, too, and discovered that many of the names are just labels with no proprietary manufacturing facility behind them at all. A lot like the problem with pet food, actually!

By the way -- my mom was all set to spend $600 on a new washing machine, but I diagnosed the problem: a bad solenoid in the water inlet valve. I successfully installed a new valve in my own machine years ago, so I begged her to let me fix hers, but she wouldn't trust me. She called a repairman, he confirmed my diagnosis, and put in the $25 valve... for $175.

Coulda saved you $150, Mom! Shoulda trusted me!
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We bought a Kenmore T3 front loading machine about 2-3 years ago. They are made by Whirlpool to to Sear's standards. I haven't had any problems. A SIL has a maytag front loading one she is happy with.
The front loading use ALOT less water and laundry soap in case you pay for water useage. I have been pleased with mine so far.
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I have a Frigidaire front loader and love it. If you can get a front loader it will save you alot of money in the end.
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